Footjoy DNA vs DNA 2.0

Apparently, you are now looking for some nice pair of golf shoes. And for someone who is looking for golf shoes, there are many people out there who would recommend one of FootJoy’s models. Footjoy has produced a variety of golf shoes that are loved by the consumers. In this article, however, we are going to discuss about the recently updated model, Footjoy DNA and Footjoy DNA 2.0. The original Footjoy DNA has been loved by many golfers because of the superior comfort and performance. So, is Footjoy DNA 2.0 really better? Continue reading below to find the answer!

Footjoy DNA
The original Footjoy DNA is available in many color variants. There are black/gray and black/silver choices, as well as gray/orange, white/navy, and white/red models. The original Footjoy DNA features a specially engineered ChromoSkin leather upper. This leather upper is supple, lightweight, yet durable and waterproof. So, the shoes will ensure that your feet will stay dry and comfy regardless of the environment. It also features a SnugFit tongue that is soft, padded, and breathable. The tongue functions to create a snug and secure fit, at the same time enhancing the comfort. It has the 3D FoamCollar that molds the ankle to provide support, and also the NitroThin TPU outsole for lightweight stability and solid performance.

Footjoy DNA 2.0
Footjoy DNA 2.0 does not change very much from the original. It still retains the SnugFit tongue with the MicroVent technology for breathability, and also the solid yet comfortable 3D FoamCollar. However, it has implemented a new Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) Fit-Bed for increased cushioning. As the effect, Footjoy DNA 2.0 offers better underfoot comfort and heel support. Due to the thicker fit-bed, Footjoy DNA 2.0 has become slightly taller than the original. The new model also features the upgraded NitroThin 2.0 TPU outsole for lightweight stability and performance with enhanced flexibility and feel. Also, Footjoy DNA 2.0 has the Silver Tornado Cleat with soft spikes that cleat to the ground for optimum traction that you need for your game. The Tour Lock insert system ensures that the spikes stay put, even on your hardest swing and in the toughest condition.

- The SnugFit tongue with MicroVent™ technology shapes to the foot while providing breathability
- The lightweight cushioned Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit-bed provides optimum underfoot comfort and heel support
- Leather^Synthetic
- Achieve a low profile and still keep that turf gripping action with the FootJoy® DNA 2.0.

Finally, we recommend you to choose Footjoy DNA 2.0. It is indeed more comfortable, thanks to the improved fit-bed, and it has better traction, allowing you to have a solid ground for your best, hardest swing.

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