Footjoy DNA Review: A Great Golf Shoe In Every Aspects

With the advancement in technologies nowadays, there are tons of things that we benefit from the technology. In shoe aspect, there are many things that can be further improved as the customer’s demands are higher than what we expect. That’s what the Footjoy try to overcome. The Footjoy is not a very massive or gigantic company like Nike, Adidas, or New Balance. But instead of giving him thumbs down, why don’t we see if there is an alternative out from the big brand. Footjoy itself is not a favorite brand, but it is a big brand in the golf industry. It could bring us a great alternative to our demands. Here is one of the Footjoy item, the Footjoy DNA. Footjoy DNA has become quite popular in the market because most of its users praising it shoe as the best performing and most comfortable golf shoes in 2015. You can say that the shoe is designed especially for the gold purpose and it has been tested many times before being released by the company. The result is fascinating as the shoe can reach the top place in the golf shoe industry. So if you are interested in Footjoy DNA, let’s see the explanation below.

The Footjoy DNA has gone through a fantastic period of the last two years. It is believed to be one of the best shoes in 2015 because of its exceptional performance and features. There are many aspects that make Footjoy DNA become one of the greatest, but the company won’t keep their handhold as they even update the DNA look in 2015 to make it one of complete shoes in 2015. (Read also: Footjoy DNA vs DNA 2.0)

Footjoy DNA 2 has a sporty and edgy appearance which is combined with the traditional design. The design itself is not promising when first released, but the company updated it back then in 2015, and the result has been shown in just a couple of months. Many big names have started to buy this shoe and make it one of the best golf shoe. The different materials of this shoe create a nice diversity so that our eye can keep looking at it without getting bored. Footjoy DNA also has crazy colorization which is complimented by many people. Why do they praise this? It is because there is rarely a sports shoe which has the crazy color, it is because the company cannot risk their product, so when the unique one comes out, then people start to be attracted by it.

There are nothing special in the Footjoy DNA features. The features are pretty limited, but each feature holds a great effect on the shoe performance. The material of the shoe is using the top quality leather. It is mostly imported and made into a very high-class shoe. The Chromo Skin leather is lightweight, durable and also waterproof. The SnugFit tongue gives us the foot shapes in the shoe for the breathing purpose. There is also the 3D Foam collar as the best and ideal support while also comfortable and fit. Lastly, you get the NitroThin TPU outsole which is the important feature for lightweight, stability, and performance.

The best golf shoe is the one that can bring comfortable feeling while we are golfing and durable enough to be used for quite some time. Footjoy DNA offers a perfect answer for this demand and the company succeeding in getting the customers which are satisfied with the previous golf shoes. You can walk comfortably from hole to hole without any problem. The shoe will make a great body motion as the spike pattern provide us a lot of grip and stability. The NitroThin TPU outsole also makes the shoe pretty much perfect in the stability aspects.

- Athletic Design - Extreme FTF Comfort - Low Profile Traction - Performance Leather

There is not much that we can complain about Footjoy DNA. It is pretty much a perfect shoe which has been proved back then in 2015. You can’t complain about its high price anymore because it is one hundred percent worth the price.

– Leather material
– Chromo Skin leather
– NitroThin outsole
– 3D Foam Colar
– High-quality materials
– Fantastic features
– Good breathability
– Excellent stability
– Unique color and design

Price of Footjoy DNA
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