DryGuy vs MaxxDry

Which one should you choose,DryGuy vs MaxxDry? Both are shoe dryers that have nice designs and features. Having a shoe dryer at home can be incredibly useful, especially in the rainy and snowy months of the year. You don’t really need to worry about getting your shoes submerged in water or melting snow. You can simply dry the shoes once you are home. So, now, let’s see more about the differences between DryGuy and MaxxDry.

DryGuy is a forced-air dryer designed to dry boots, gloves, and garments. It has four towers to allow you to dry four pieces simultaneously. It is coming with two removable extension tubes that allow you to dry tall boots of up to 16 inches. It is equipped with a whisper-quiet rotary blower, and there is a switch to adjust whether the air is heated or not. This is a very useful feature, considering that not all boots and garments can withstand heat.

On the center panel of the device, you can find a large knob that adjusts the temperature. DryGuy is able to heat the air up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celcius). So, it is safe for most liners, clothes, and boots. DryGuy can also help to eliminate odors and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. The users are satisfied by the performance because it is able to dry most clothes and boots within one to two hours.

Although the device is capable of drying within just one or two hours, it is equipped with a three-hour timer, which means that it can be used for more demanding drying tasks. The timer ensures that you will not forget to turn off the drying machine, which may lead to damaging the shoes or garments.

DryGuy vs MaxxDry indeed look very similar to each other. Just like the DryGuy dryer, MaxxDry is equipped with four towers so that you can dry up to four pieces of boots or garments at once. In addition, it is also equipped with two removable towers for drying large boots. On the center panel, you can find identical controls that are similar to the ones on DryGuy, such as the heat/no-heat switch and the temperature control knob.

MaxxDry also claims to be able to eliminate odors caused by bacteria and perspiration. By using the high temperature settings, you can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. MaxxDry is powered by a quiet full ball bearing motor for silent operation.

The motor is quite durable. Its lifespan is rated at 80,000 hours. However, some users have mentioned that MaxxDry does not produce as much as DryGuy does. Instead, it produces a gentle breeze that warms away moisture and chills. Such gentle operation ensures that your shoes and garments will not get damaged by the air.

- Forced-air boot, glove, and garment dryer works on four garments simultaneously
- Includes two removable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall; whisper-quiet rotary blower; 3 hour timer; heat or no-heat switch
- Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots; includes two removable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall
- Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold; dries most clothes in 1-2 hours
- Dimensions: 12 inches deep x 7.5 inches high x 15 inches wide; 6-foot power cord; 1 year warranty
- Dries most boots or gloves in one hour eliminating odors caused by perspiration and bacteria
- Dries up to 4 garments simultaneously
- Quiet full ball bearing Motor rated at 80,000 hours
- It is also UL Listed
- Extremely versatile with removable extension tubes

In general, DryGuy is more recommended because it is able to produce more powerful air. As a result, it can dry your shoes and garments more quickly. It is also equipped with a three-hour timer, which can be very handy at times.

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