Clarks Desert Boot vs Wallabee

Clarks indeed has some of the best selections of footwear on the market. Many people have been confused between Clarks Desert Boot vs Wallabee, so let’s now see the comparisons between these two boots. Honestly, both Clarks Desert Boot and Clarks Wallabee are good boots. Clarks Desert Boot is an excellent design which combines casual and dress shoes into one. It looks nicer than sneakers, but also more relaxed than actual dress shoes. On the other hand, Clarks Wallabee is a classic design which is simple yet elegant.

Clarks Desert Boot
Dressing in the warmer months can be tricky. Should you really put comfort before style? Well, you actually don’t need to sacrifice one aspect for the other if you’ve got a pair of Clarks Desert Boots. This model is based on the shoe style found in Cairo that British Army officers in WW II fell in love with. The stitches are tight, neat, and durable. One noticeable difference between Clarks Desert Boot vs Wallabee is that, on Clarks Desert Boot, the side pieces of the upper do not extend to the front. In addition, the laces and eyelets sit lower and closer to the midfoot area.

Clarks Desert Boot looks especially great if worn with jeans or khakis. It is suitable with both a dress shirt and a t-shirt. It is one of the most versatile footwear choices for the spring season. See the previous post about Clarks Bushacre 2 vs Desert Boot here!

The upper is made of leather. Thanks to the high-quality stitches, the entire upper feels durable. However, it remains comfortable enough for the day. The sole is also quite thick, providing a degree of cushioning and protection. Alas, the crepe sole is not very durable. Well, the sole is good enough for going to the office or walking around the city. The traction is pretty good. But it does not withstand harsh surfaces and wear very well.

You can also notice that the sole has a heel counter. This feature enhances the stability and adds some traction. It also makes the shoe appear classy and elegant.

Clarks Wallabee
Clarks Wallabee has been produced since 1967, and it maintains the elegant classical look. Depending on the model, the upper may be constructed of leather or suede. It speaks about simplicity; the two pieces are integrated in a classic moccasin style.

Unlike Clarks Desert Boot, Clarks Wallabee’s side piece extends to the front. In addition, the shaft is also a little bit taller. The laces and eyelets sit at a higher position. Frankly, Clarks Wallabee is way too simple and plain that it can’t compare to the elegance of Clarks Desert Boot.

Clarks Wallabee is also equipped with a thick crepe sole. However, it does not have a heel counter. The sole is flat from rear to front. This is another reason why it looks way too plain, and the traction won’t be as good as Clarks Desert Boot’s.

- Leather
- Imported
- Crepe sole
- Shaft measures approximately 4.25" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1"
- Platform measures approximately 0.5"
- Stabilizing suede-lined heel counter
- Leather
- Imported
- Crepe sole
- Shaft measures approximately 4.5" from arch
- Heel measures approximately 1"
- Platform measures approximately 0.75 inches
- Moccasin-toe ankle boot featuring blind eyelets and crepe sole

Clarks Desert Boot is the better choice. It has the better style, which has the perfect balance between style and comfort, casual and dress. It has stitched side pieces and a heel counter. Nevertheless, Clarks Wallabee can make the alternative if you really prefer a simple moccasin-style shoe.

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