Brooks Womens Asteria vs Hyperion

Running is one of the easiest exercise to do to keep our health in check and our fitness level good. To run, we only need a good shoes to start because but not all shoes are made to provide you with the same level of support and comfort. Brooks Womens Asteria vs Hyperion are two great models to pick because they can both cushion and protect our feet. If you also take an interest in these model, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why you need to start running
– What are Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion
– What Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Look Like
– How are the Sole in Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion
– How are the Upper in Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion
– Are Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Comfortable
– Brooks Womens Asteria vs Hyperion

Running Benefit
With today busy lifestyle and easy access to almost anything, it seems that people is getting easier to neglect their body. While we can’t argue by how tired our body can get when getting off the office, staying healthy is necessary to let us enjoy our life in the future. A fit body will carry us for long completing many tasks and activities but before we can enjoy the benefit, we have to get used to them first and it is never an easy to start moving.

Doing a routine exercise is good for our body and among those many activities we can choose to get that fitness back or start to live healthier, running is probably the easiest to do and already proven to give many positive impacts on our life. What we often heard from people who run is how their activity will improve their mood and while this sound unbelievably positive, running does help body produce endorphins which is responsible to those happy feeling.

Not only makes you feel much better, running is also a good exercise to help us achieve that balance body composition because when spend too long slouching in sofa, we may keep too much body fat inside. Our goal is to increase the lean muscle and reduce subcutaneous fat but the fat is not going to get away as easy so we need to do some exercise like running. Running will help us increase muscle mass and burn fat more as well as increase metabolism.

For those who worried about bone density may want to start running especially women whose bones are tend to be slimmer and smaller than men. This is why women have a higher risk of osteoporosis and the answer to the issue is included doing exercise that have a high impact effect. Taken from Sciencedaily, sports like running, soccer and basketball will improve one’s bone density because it puts weight into our skeletal sites but only those that experience stress will become stronger.

About Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion
Now when you already know why to start running and become more active, it is the time to look for the items or equipment needed to run. When talking about running, the most obvious item we need is a running shoe because they will provide a good cushioning for our feet and protect them especially when you run on a trail since there are many threats out there which can cause some injury if not protected with a proper shoes.

While all running shoes are made to support your activity, not all of them have a similar level of comfort as well as support since each runner may have different preference or running style. Among those many good brands offering numerous running shoes, Brooks is one of the best because they have many nice options designed to allow us run more comfortability and with proper sole or upper to let us run confidently. They are also fairly affordable so we don’t have to spend much to purchase them.

For those who prefer to run on a flat surface and run fast, the model you may want to check are Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion. Both of them are very similar to each other because they are designed to be light enough to protect our feet without weighing it down so it will be helpful when the runner need more speed rather than cushioning. We can worn them for track running or fight in a race day as well as for your daily trainer.

The reason why many people loves these models is because they are fast for those who need speed and light to give as less weight as possible on our feet thus, we can move quickly and of course stay very comfortable for a long run below the sun ray. Asteria is model released to replace the older ST Racer so we can hope some new upgrades here but comparing it to Hyperion, this shoe is pretty much similar with slightly different feeling when first worn.

Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Design
When checking any shoes whether it is just for casual outing or for sport, looks is the one we consider the first time because who doesn’t pick the one matching their taste the most? For a running shoe, we don’t really need the look as long as they work great but these models does made to have a “fast” appearance especially Asteria shoe. Hyperion looks like a regular running shoe probably because it is designed to look more like a trainer than a racing shoe.

If you try wearing them, it feels like Asteria is lighter than the other but it is not true because this model weighs in around 204 grams while Hyperion is about 154 grams, making this shoe lighter even with the same size. Hyperion also seems a bit taller than Asteria but it is mostly thanks to the taller midsole drop which mean it is suitable for those with medium to higher foot arch while those with flat foot may found this shoe a bit hurting for long wear.

Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Sole
Just like when looking for any regular shoes, one of the most important part to check on is their sole because just like a tire for our car, a shoe will be separated based on the design including the sole to make sure they can perform properly for the kind of activities we do. Due to being made for a track running, both of Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion are featured with a full length BioMogo material which is actually less firm than any track shoes.

These road racing flats are designed to help our feet complete its tasks on running or PRs in races over 5k in length. They feels very comfortable in our foot with the fairly thin rubber which should support the activity, nothing less and more. However, comparing the two, Asteria is more like a support shoe made for runner while the other is between running shoe and a trainer for your daily exercise. Above the outsole, there is midsole which is also the same called DNA Midsole.

This cushioning is great to provide a protection when our feet land and need support to jump back as well as keep it safe from pavement pounding. It is not very rare but the compound they put here feels nice for it will hardens when put pressure while stay flexible for better movement. Read also: Brooks Womens Launch 5 vs Ghost 10 here.

Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Upper
Moving to the upper part, both of them may look similar but when paid attention closely, we can see that they do have different upper. Asteria’s upper is featured with seamless 3D printed mesh which is loved by many users because not only lightweight, it is also breathable and very flexible so the material will wrap on foot nicely. The tip has a toe box and compared to many other shoes, this space give some room for us to prevent any rubbing.

As for Hyperion shoe, this model is featured with a woven mesh upper which is very unique, but not as what we can see on Nike Flyknit or Adidas Primeknit. Brooks actually have a higher thread count in their fabric which mean the durability is increased compared to those with less thread count. However, more thread count also means less breathability so to improve how air get passed through this fabric, they put several small holes on top of the toes as well as on inner side of the shoe.

Brooks Womens Asteria and Hyperion Comfort
The last is their comfort side because a good shoe should be the one we found most comfortable with. Asteria is very comfortable and the heel design they put here is very nice for we have no issue against rubbing or any uncomfortable feeling but it is different with Hyperion because there is a thin film inside the shoe and when we fasten the lace, this part rub against the skin then give it blisters. In addition, the heel cup is very stiff so it is not very comfortable for a long run.

Now, let’s compare Brooks Womens Asteria with Hyperion. As you may already know, the difference between them is on how heavy the shoe, how tall the midsole drop, the upper material and their comfort. Asteria is better in our opinion because even though the shoe is a bit heavy, the midsole drop is not as tall, have a breathable upper fabric and most importantly very comfortable in our feet.

Brooks Womens Asteria vs Hyperion

- Fabric and Synthetic
- Get ready to dethrone your standing long-run PR in the dynamic cushioning and support of the Brooks® Asteria running shoe!
- Predecessor: None.
Support Type: Overpronation/Stability.
- Cushioning: High energizing cushioning.
- Fabric and Synthetic
- Set your next PR in the dynamic, energy-returning cushioning of the Brooks® Hyperion racing flat!
- Predecessor: None.
- Support Type: Neutral to underpronation (supination).
- Cushioning: Maximum cushioning.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and running style as well as feet shape. If we are to choose, we will recommend user to pick Brooks Womens Asteria because this model feel much more comfortable on our feet and suitable for long run.

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