Brooks Revel 3 Vs Launch 6

Running shoes are not only designed to protect your feet from the harsh surface but also support the feet while you are hitting the ground. However, not all of us will have the same idea about the perfect shoes but, usually more natural options like Brooks Revel 3 Vs Launch 6 can fit well for most people, especially If they don’t have a specific issue that needs to be addressed. If you are considering these shoes too, let’s see below about which that fits you better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in Your Running Shoes
  • What are Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6
  • How are the Appearance of Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6
  • How are the Running with Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6
  • Brooks Revel 3 Vs Launch 6

Selecting a Running Shoe

The best running shoes are those made for running because while many of them are looking like lifestyle shoes, the sole technology and uppers are designed to be appropriate for the application so it is always best to bet on shoes made specifically for running. Because running requires repetitive motion, the shoes are made to be able to aid shock absorption while also helping the feet to move forward easier. What’s confusing is, not all of us will feel the same in the same shoes.

The first step in getting the right shoes is to shop based on your sizing and try to get the most accurate sizing as possible. This is crucial because our feet shape can be different not only in length but in width and height as well hence it is difficult to get the same universal choice for all runners. Do consider that feet swell throughout the day so measuring the feet in the afternoon or evening can give you a more accurate measurement and try to leave some room to prevent our toes from hitting the roof while running downhill.

Running shoes are also designed for different running types such as some people may want to focus on speed and some want to focus on support for their overpronating feet. The most versatile is probably the everyday running shoes which tend to be neutral which means there is no specific function in the shoes but for the basic comfort and support. They are the best choice for beginners if this is your first running shoes or if you are unsure about which to get because most people can fit well in them.

If you are a runner who is focusing on speed and running short distances but more seriously, the lightweight shoes are probably best fitting in the application but they can wear faster when you have to use them for daily application. There are also running shoes made for trail runners since the typical road shoes are not sufficient to provide traction in this type of terrain; they usually have deeper lugs on the bottom of the shoes to grip on uneven terrains.

Brooks Revel 3Brooks Launch 6
Product Dimensions12.13 x 7.4 x 4.49 inches 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 Pounds9.6 Ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Also, we can shop based on the budget and the more expensive doesn’t always mean that we will like the shoes better because the higher price tag usually means the tech behind it such as newest technologies. Usually good running shoes are around $100-$150 on the standard range but the expensive ones can be above $200 or even higher, sometimes they are also a hybrid between running and lifestyle shoes as well.

About Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6

Good running shoes don’t have to be expensive and it is best to tailor the options based on your personal preference itself in order to get the most ideal choice. In most cases, everyday runners will go well with a daily trainers-type of shoes that can handle the frequency. We can shop based on the shoes type or price range if you will have a budget restriction but, you can choose from a brand or two just to narrow down the alternatives.

Many of us probably already have a favorite shoe brand whether we have a certain memory about them or just their typical fashion. For runners, Brooks is one of the most versatile options we can rely on and what’s great is they do carry some of the best or most versatile running shoes in the market along with more specialty shoes such as Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline. Price wise they also tend to be competitive with many other brands in the market.

If you are looking for more versatile shoes that can be worn as a daily trainer or without any specific support to address the feet concerns, Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 will be two great options to consider. Both of them are very similar despite being completely two different shoes but this is because Brooks tends to use their popular material in many of its running shoes so while the two are not exactly identical, due to the similar tech they will give a probably some slight difference.

But, in our opinion the Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 are meant for different people with its different styling and the latter will fit those whose feet are naturally flatter since this model is helpful in addressing the shape and movement. The versatility itself is similar but Revel 3 is more of everyone-type of shoes so it should fit more people.

Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 Appearance

Before talking about what you can get from these shoes, let’s see the unit first and in general, we do think these shoes are pretty good looking. They are not exactly what you want to have as lifestyle shoes since the design screams running shoes loudly but personally we do like the type of shades by Revel 3 as it is more natural and subtle. From the upper it seems the two have different construction and in comparison the Revel 3 can hold its shape better than Launch 6.

From the look alone we get the impression that you can run fast with the Launch 6 due to its appearance. As for the weight, they are pretty decent for a comfortable pair of shoes as they are about 250 grams with the Revel 3 being just slightly, often unnoticed, lighter. The two are road running shoes and if you see the outsole, we don’t think they can garner a proper traction if you are going to hit the trail.

Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 can offer starting from the upper and here, they are already different. As you can see, the Revel 3 is using some type of knit material which is probably why the structure is slightly firmer while the latter is using the typical mesh fabric. However, they look plush and comfortable to wear, especially with quite the lightweight construction. The overall shape of the shoes is the same along with the amount of padding.

There is ample room inside the shoes so we don’t think they are restrictive as well but you can always tighten the shoelace to make the upper more conforming. The tip of the forefoot is supported with a material and the collar is also padded to keep your ankle comfortable. We don’t see any slippage with the shoes with proper sizing.

Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 Sole

Next is the core difference for Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 which is their sole itself and this is mostly because the latter is using a higher heel drop design at 10mm in which your Revel 3 is at 8mm. In general they are considered medium but can make a difference in the running and while the two are categorized as neutral trainers, we do think the midsole is not for everyone, especially if you are used to a softer foam because these shoes have a pretty stiff feeling.

The material used for the sole is the same BioMOGO DNA that we can find in many other Brooks shoes so this is not actually groundbreaking but compared to the like of Ghost, the latter is not as soft and more on the control side which means the shoes is initially designed as a speed trainer instead of a more laid back application.

Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 Experience 

Lastly, we want to talk about the experience with Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6. In this way, somehow the shoes are quite different from what we initially think about. The Revel 3 is quite cushioning but more balanced between soft and firm which means we can run in mid-distance and occasionally pick up the speed. The Launch 6 is probably for more active runners who want a better control over their feet and will definitely want a better performance rather than being comfy.

Brooks Revel 3 Vs Launch 6

Both Brooks Revel 3 and Launch 6 are good running shoes but for different runners. The Launch 6 is described as energized shoes so the sole is made to be stiffer in the middle to bridge the transition and making it better to control the feet while you pick up the speed. On the other hand, Revel is good neutral shoes that are more universal in our opinion; not stiff but not soft either, great for mid-distance and for picking up pace from time to time.



We have to choose based on what type of running we will be doing but for the more laid back runners who are looking to replace their daily trainer, the Revel 3 is a more ideal choice while if you like stiffer shoes in general and want more control over the stride, Launch 6 is the right option.

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