Brooks Revel 3 vs Ghost 12

Running shoes don’t have to be expensive because the more affordable options are abundantly available in the market with much better qualities than we used to know. Some of them are Brooks Revel 3 Vs Ghost 12 which are very popular budget choices for daily users or those who want to get a reliable yet comfortable trainer for their exercise routine. If you are also considering these shoes, do check which of them will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Running Shoe Affect Running Style
  • What are Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12
  • How are the Appearance of Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12
  • How are the Experience with Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12
  • Brooks Revel 3 Vs Ghost 12 

Running Shoes and Running Style

Everyone wants to stay healthy because to enjoy life, a healthy body is needed so we can strive for better. There are plenty of efforts to improve health from deciding to eat a better or more natural diet, staying away from destructive habits, as well as incorporating exercise on the daily. You can start slowly and get used to the routine but it is the most important to stick with the new lifestyle. Among many efforts we can do, running is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to exercise.

With the popularity of running, rise as well the popularity of running shoes and while it is often personal preference about whether you like to wear running shoes or different footwear, this specific gear seems to play an important role in deciding how the user runs. In the past or how humans evolved themselves, we used to run barefoot far before the introduction of cushioned shoes. Studies have shown that barefoot runners tend to hit the ground toe first and this style is minimizing the forces that arrive at the body.

On the other hand, the people who are used to running in running shoes mostly adopt a heel-first style which means it puts quite a lot of force on the body. There are studies that compare running barefoot to running with shoes but this is meant to collect data and the debate about running with and without shoes still happens these days. In general human wear shoes quite recently since before we are used to sandals or moccasins which are more traditional.

In our opinion it all depends on which you prefer better because there are no serious risks in either of them as long as we are running safely. The purpose of footwear initially is to protect the foot because our skin is fragile and won’t be able to sustain cold or sharp objects may present in the path of your running track. We can run barefoot but probably only in a controlled environment such as on a treadmill or in a large, clean space.

Brooks Revel 3 Ghost 12
Product Dimensions12.1 x 7.3 x 4.6 inches10 x 15 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight1.25 Pounds2 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

What affects the running style is the shoe design itself and how you are used to run. Chances are if you never run or use a running shoe before there will be some time needed to get used to the shape and this may alter your running style as well. This is why it is still better to wear shoes as it is protective against our feet, allowing you to try different terrains but it is also necessary to consider the shoes so they can match with your taste or preference.

About Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12

Running shoes may look like an expensive investment with new models coming almost every year but, there are actually tons of more affordable options than the high-end, enthusiast, or collectors’ style of shoes. These shoes may not be going to attract people’s attention or worth collecting but they are working properly for the task which is protecting your feet and improving the comfort. However, when it comes to comfort, it can vary among people; just like a bicycle helmet because our foot and running styles are not always the same.

Strolling through the running shoe racks, you will find plenty of names or manufacturers and styles that some may attract your attention. Among those, if you plan to shop on a budget or just looking for a trainer for daily exercise, Brooks is a great place to start. This shoe brand has tons of pocket-friendly models in which most are very much similar to each other or right in the perfect spot for comfort, reliability, and price point.

We have already talked about Adrenaline in our ASICS GT 1000 Vs Brooks Adrenaline here and today, we are going to compare the more mid-range running shoes Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12. We actually prefer to stick with shoes in this price range because they tend to be better and more comfortable or long lasting. Talking about long lasting, the Ghost line is probably one of the most familiar and the most adored shoes from the brand as now they reach the 12th model.

The Revel may still pretty new in comparison but it is not the only thing that separate Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 apart because if compared directly, the former is probably will be more ideal for daily running or as regular trainer and running at short to mid distance while shifting to the older series the Ghost seems to be more popular among users who prefer a long distance run, thanks to the soft texture. Yet, in our opinion both can be versatile options depending on which fits in your style better.

Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 Design

Now let’s see how these shoes are designed because some people may want to wear them for not only exercising but as a daily trainer as well. In our opinion you can tell they are Brooks shoes without even looking at the logo because the two are very distinct to the brand and there is nothing wrong with it. Personally we like them as trainers and the shoes outer itself is very soft and none are waterproof. The patterns on these mesh fabric follows the design and color scheme.

The heels soles are quite thick and this is what makes them cushiony as you stride. They are not exactly identical however because if you see closely, not only the pattern on the midsole which is already different but also the tongue design in which the Revel 3 is just slightly taller. On the heel area the padding seems to be pretty soft but the design is a bit different with Ghost 12 combined synthetic on the outer side of the heel.

Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 Upper

Moving further, let’s see the upper of Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 first because many of us are attracted to the design, especially for the new Revel 3 which recently released black/white and red variants for the women’s shoe. These upper are pretty much similar to each other and feel very soft to touch. The inside is what’s most important and here both are very soft and comfortable. If you have used their older model, the new shoes are both soft but the Ghost 12 is slightly snuggier too. 

The Achilles dip is gentle but the ankle height seems to be slightly lower on the Revel 3 yet it doesn’t affect the comfort to noticeable extent. The shoelaces are flattened on both models so they can be very flat to tighten the fit. Overall there is no slip and the shoes are pretty stable as well on your foot.

Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 Sole

Moving below we will meet with Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 sole and here is where things can get interesting. Starting with Revel 3, this model is made with BioMoGo DNA which is an eco-friendly biodegradable midsole foam and is claimed to adapt to the user’s stride as it absorbs shock. This is not new technology however and pretty standard for the shoes yet working reliably. As for the outsole, it is using HPR Plus durable rubber compound with enough flex grooves for traction.

Not so surprisingly, the BioMoGo is also integrated in the Ghost 12 model and talking about what this material is exactly, we are not very sure either but there are chances it is similar to a resilient EVA. The BioMoGo itself is softer but the DNA Loft crash pad is firmer to combine the ideal texture of both materials. The prominent difference is probably in the height because your Ghost 12 is taller at 31mm forefoot and 12mm drop compared to the 25mm heel and 8mm drop of Revel 3.

Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 Experience

The feeling of these shoes are not exactly the same and in comparison the Ghost 12 is probably more similar to the Revel 2 as it has 12mm drop. The Ghost 12 is quite thick shoes which is great if you love cushiony type and the forefoot is also softer than the heel where the impact hit first. In terms of comfort they are equally nice but we recommend to consider your older shoes and its heel drop to match which of the two is closer to it.

Brooks Revel 3 vs Ghost 12

Running shoes are like bicycle helmets because what’s comfortable for you may not feel the same for other people. Both Brooks Revel 3 and Ghost 12 are road and smooth surface ideal but the latter may be more comfortable for longer distance like marathon while the Revel 3 is a good daily trainer or used inside a gym and on track. The prominent difference is Ghost will be more cushiony and has a higher drop if you are used to this type of sole.

- BioMoGo DNA, our proprietary cushioning, adapts to your stride, weight and speed. Why? So it can help protect you by deflecting impact away from your body.
- The redesigned flat-knit upper and midsole provide a look and feel that’s perfect for work, working out, or post-work activities.
- Enjoy the secure fit of an inner bootie that surrounds your foot in all-day comfort thanks to heat-activated yarns that won’t stretch out over time.
- Minimal Energize - Recommended for the runner looking for minimal spring in their stride without feeling damp.
- THIS SHOE IS FOR: Neutral runners looking for a lightweight shoe and a smooth ride without sacrificing cushioning. Whether you’re a Ghost loyalist or are lacing one up for the first time, you’ll find plenty to like.
- SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The neutral support type provides high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Ghost 11
- BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability - yet it feels lighter than ever.
- SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: No matter how your foot lands, our Segmented Crash Pad - an integrated system of shock absorbers - will cushion every step and stride for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.


It is best to choose the shoes that you will be more comfortable with and among the two, if you prefer tall or thicker shoes with a deeper drop, Ghost 12 is the better option while if you like shorter and flatter shoes then Revel 3 is a more ideal choice.

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