Brooks Ravenna Review: Lightweight, Durable, and Supportive for Overpronators

Brooks Ravenna makes an excellent choice for overpronators looking for a lightweight yet supportive running shoe. Despite being a cushioned shoe designed for overpronators, Brooks Ravenna is surprisingly lightweight and responsive. The shoe is also incredibly comfortable, allowing you to run further without getting tired or sore. Brooks Ravenna is not only good-looking; it is also very sturdy and durable, as it is able to take double-digit runs without much problem. Brooks Ravenna is a very good value for the money!

You see, Brooks Ravenna is available in several color variants. All the color choices are cool and sporty. You simply need to choose the one that suits your preference and style. The latest model of the series, Brooks Ravenna 7, is offering at least five color choices, consisting of Silver/Charcoal, Silver/Nightlife, Anthracite/Electric Blue, Lime Punch/Peacot Navy, and Black/High Risk Red. If you don’t want anything too flashy, the Silver/Charcoal model will fit you well. Meanwhile, the Black/High Risk Red model is especially cool, sporty, and elegant. Besides providing various color choices, Brooks Ravenna is also available in multiple sizes and widths. Brooks is making this shoe in two width options, D and EE. The D model has a regular width and is available for 7 – 15 US foot sizes. Meanwhile, the EE model is the wide version of the shoe, suitable for people with large feet, available for 7 – 11.5 US foot sizes.

The upper of Brooks Ravenna is very sturdy and supportive. The sturdy inner midfoot straps ensures structural integrity and reliable support in all conditions. That’s great, because it reduces the risk of you straining your feet. However, be careful not to wear the shoe way too tightly, as the sturdy upper may press pretty hard onto the foot if you tighten it too much. Too much pressure can be painful after some time. So, you just need to tighten the shoe lace until it fits pretty snugly, instead of pulling it up with all your power. The upper is made from synthetic leather and mesh. There are lots of pores to allow sufficient air circulation, ensuring that your foot can stay cool and fresh throughout the run. It is incredibly rugged and durable; it can take all the beatings of the road without complaining. It holds up well even when taken to double-digit runs.

Brooks Ravenna has been designed for overpronators. The midsole features a tri-density EVA foam for enhanced cushioning and shock absorption. There is a harder medial post and a plastic shank to keep your foot on the ideal position. The footbed is comfortable, giving you a pleasantly smooth ride, even though it certainly is not the softest option available. It has a 10 mm drop from heel to toe. Despite the thick cushioning, Brooks Ravenna is lightweight and responsive. This way, you will be able to accelerate and run at your top speed more easily.

- Mesh - Imported - Rubber sole - Made in USA or Imported

The outsole makes use of two different materials. On the heel, it has a hard carbon rubber outsole. On the forefoot, it is made from a softer blown rubber material. The grip and traction are pretty good, enough to give you solid footing on a wet road. There is a tiny mesh-like texture on the tread, which is useful for providing extra traction on a slippery surface.

Specifications of Brooks Ravenna
Brooks’ marketing description: Brooks Ravenna offers a springy ride thanks to the updated design with responsive cushioning.
Upper: Fused & stitched synthetic leather, mesh, inner midfoot straps.
Midsole: Plastic shank, tri-density EVA foam with a harder medial post, 10 mm heel to toe drop.
Outsole: Softer blown rubber outsole under the forefoot, hard carbon rubber outsole under the heel.
Available Widths: 2E – Wide, D – regular
Weight: 10.5 oz / 298 grams for a half pair of Men’s D-width US 9 / EUR 42.5 / UK 8 / CM 27

Pros of Brooks Ravenna
• Quite lightweight for a cushioned running shoe
• Responsive, quick turnover
• Very supportive, allowing overpronators to run effectively and comfortably
• Very durable, can take double-digit runs with no problem
• Stylish and sporty design

Price of Brooks Ravenna
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