Brooks Ravenna 7 vs Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

There are many running shoes in the market. All of them bringing the same exact purpose which is to offer the maximum comfort and easiness when running. In many occasion, you will find that the shoe is not very dependable as the brand is not a well-known one. In this case, you can count on this brand as Brooks company has been in this industry for such a long time. Here we have two of its products, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 and Brooks Ravenna 7. Brooks GTS 15 is a shoe which is intended for a fast runner with its reliable and comfortable fit. On the other hand, Brooks Ravenna 7 is a stable and well-cushioned shoe which makes many of its testers feel a pleasant feeling after using it. So if you want to know more about these two products, let’s see the comparison below.

GTS 15 is made with very simple knowing that its main usage is for the fast runner. Its sole is using the rubber which is pretty standard. The saddle is adjustable, and there is a caterpiller crash pad which will help you a lot if there is some shock coming to your foot. Then you can find some interesting features like the nice heel-to-toe transition or the elements linings which will make the air circulation is better than other shoes. This element linings are helping a lot in keeping the moisture and make your feet stay cool and dry for the activity. On the opposite, Brooks Ravenna 7 has very minimum features like the same adjustable saddle like GTS 15 or the custom fit for the user’s foot size. Other than that, you can find that the design is very simple and it is available in several color options.

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The performance of Ravenna 7 is pretty much like other light running shoe with such lightness in our foot, and it also support us in doing the quick turnover. The shoe is also very supportive and held up well to the double digit runs. But sometimes its toe box feels too narrow, and the shoe itself is not ideal when used in high debris places. On the other hand, GTS 15 is a very comfortable shoe and also a durable one. It offers a forefoot movement with such fluidity which makes every of your movement won’t go to waste. You can also see that GTS 15 is intended for a fast runner which is why it is very important that the shoe has such stability to support its users. In this case, GTS 15 has proved that it has that kind of balance for even a very long session.

- Lace-up closure
- Plush tongue and collar
- Element linings are breathable and help wick away moisture
- Removable molded foam insole
- mesh
- Rubber sole
- Heel measures approximately 1 inches"
- Made in USA or Imported

GTS 15 is better than Ravenna 7 because it has a better features and the overall approach is different than Ravenna 7. Ravenna 7 seems lacking because it only targets the common users who love a little run not an extreme one, this makes the standard goes down, and the shoe become too standard to be fond of. So GTS 15 has better performance, and it is very worth the price.

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