Brooks PureConnect 4 Review: Pretty Good Cushioning and Flexibility

Brooks is one of the most well-known brands in the shoe industry. Brooks’ running shoes are considered as high-quality products that come at very competitive price points. Brooks PureConnect 4 is one of the more affordable choices from the company. Even though it is quite affordable and budget-friendly, Brooks PureConnect 4 has great qualities of its own. It is a neutral running shoe that is perfect if you are looking for exceptional ground contact, feel, and stability. It is a simple and minimalist running shoe that places little in-between your foot and the ground. Even so, it still has decent cushioning to protect the foot from excessive impacts. It also has good flexibility. The sophisticated tread design allows enhanced grip and traction, reliable in all road conditions.

Brooks PureConnect 4 is a neutral running shoe, so it does not have any form of additional support on the sides. Even though it is made for neutral runners, people with just mild pronation can still use this shoe comfortably. Another thing that you should note is that Brooks PureConnect 4 has great ground contact with minimal in-between the foot and the ground. It only slightly attenuates road impacts. So, it is not suitable for people with joint pain; the road impacts will bring more pain to the runner instead of easing the problem. In general, people with joint pain should find a running shoe with soft and cushy cushioning.

The upper of Brooks PureConnect 4 is made from mesh that is combined with synthetic leather, layered with fused urethane overlays and a midfoot strap. We really like the breathable upper design. It is not overly porous. Instead, it just has enough to allow sufficient air circulation to keep the inside fresh and cool. The upper is also quite flexible to allow easy turning and maneuvering, yet the midfoot strap ensures that you are not going to sprain.

The midsole is made from a compression-molded EVA blend material. It contours well to the shape of the foot, and it also helps in slightly reducing the road impacts to prevent pain. However, the best thing about the midsole is that it has exceptional ground contact. It lets you feel the road, giving superior stability and confidence. It also delivers efficient and natural striding, with smooth and quick heel-to-toe transition.

- Synthetic - BioMoGo DNA midsole provides custom comfort - Rounded heel for better alignment and smoother strides

The outsole material is carbon rubber. The outsole has been designed with a pattern of circular textured pods. In general, it has great grip and traction. The most grip comes from the forefoot area. The heel also has decent grip, though not as much. It performs well on wet and slippery roads.

Specifications of Brooks PureConnect 4
Weight: 8.3 oz
Profile – Heel: 25.3 mm
Profile – Forefoot: 22.5 mm
Drop – from heel to forefoot: 2.8 mm
Upper material: Closed mesh, fused urethane layers, synthetic leather, midfoot strap.
Midsole material: Compression-molded EVA blend.
Outsole: Circular carbon-rubber pods.

• Five unique technologies (Nav Band, BioMOGO DNA, rounded heel, Toe Flex, and anatomical Last) working together to promote an efficient and natural stride.
• Elastic Nav Band, located at the mid-foot, hugs the foot for a secure, comfortable fit.
• Lightweight and highly breathable mesh upper with minimal synthetic overlays.
• Built for neutral runners seeking a minimalist running shoe that has little in-between the runner and the ground.

Pros of Brooks PureConnect 4
– Simple, lightweight, and minimalist
– Exceptional ground contact and feel for enhanced stability and confidence
– Flexible enough to perform effortless maneuvers
– Sophisticated tread design creating excellent grip and traction

Price of Brooks PureConnect 4
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