Brooks Launch 5 vs Ghost 10

A busy life doesn’t mean we can neglect our health because even in a busy schedule, we still have to spare sometime to at least do a little exercise to keep our body healthy. For those who are not very fond of going to gym, jogging and running will help you stay fit as well. Before hitting the terrain, make sure we already have a suitable shoes to go such as Brooks Womens Launch 5 vs Ghost 10. If you like these models, check them below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose a Running Shoe
– What are Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10
– How are the Sole in Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10
– How are the Upper in Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10
– Are Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 Comfortable
– Brooks Launch 5 vs Ghost 10

Choosing Running Shoe
Finding the best running shoe is not an easy task because all shoes seem good in store and picture and supposed to be comfortable but it may not the same when you try hitting the terrain with the pair. In general, how good a running shoe will be very subjective to the person because each one of us don’t always have the same running style, preference level of comfort, and where we often run such as smooth pavement or on gravel and rougher terrain.

However, to ease people who never purchase or just taken an interest in a running shoe, it is recommended to determine what kind of surface you prefer running on. There are few running shoes separated by where it can be used or more suitable for. First is road-running shoe which is only design to handle the common condition on a smooth pavement and some forays that has a slight irregularities. They are usually light and flexible with some cushioning to stabilize our feet during repetitive strides on hard surface.

The second is trail-running shoe and this model is designed for off-road runners or those who loves to enjoy a natural scenery while climbing hills and exploring the rough dirt. It can handle rocks, muds, roots and other obstacles we often see out there with an aggressive tread for solid traction and stability, support as well as underfoot protection. The third type is cross-training shoes or also called as Crossfit shoe. It is made to offer support for balance activity which contact to ground is more preferred.

In addition, we also may have to decide based on how we run or running style because it will affect how we choose a running shoe as well. Pronation is the first type and this runner focus the weight to the ball of the foot with a small portion on the heel so it can be said the most natural way to hit the ground. Second is overpronation, detected when your shoe has wear along the inside edge of the sole.

This trait will affect the runner risk because knee pain is very common in this type of runners so they will need a stable or motion control shoes to reduce the bad effect. The last is supination whose shoes have a wear along the outer edge of the sole. It is very rare but similar like overpronation, those who does will need plenty of cushioning and flexibility. In addition, there are also people who prefer to run barefoot.

About Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10
If you already decide what kind of runner you are and where usually runing, now is the time to check what the market has to offer. There are indeed a lot of running shoe out there and it can be hard to even decide which brand to choose so we recommend people to start from the popular names because they are liked not without a reason and the chance you will like it also higher. For women, one of the most popular running shoe out there is Brooks.

The company offer various shoe for your need but for runners, their Women’s Launch 5 and Ghost 10 are among the best. Launch shoes actually released not long ago if compared to the Ghost line but both of them are already an upgraded version from their older shoe so we should able to see some upgrades here. However, if you also see the older models, it seems that the most prominent change are put on the face because they are made with new upper.

Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 are neutral trainers which is why they are suitable with many people. For starter, Launch 5 has a new face and sleeker in form or simpler in general than Lunch 4 but it is somehow added in weight. As for Ghost 10, it seems that the change is only on the design, especially the upper. Read also: Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 6 vs 5 here.

Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 Sole
Comparing both of them side by side, they are actually very similar to each other if not differentiated by the upper design; probably because both are equally a neutral running shoes. First let’s check the outsole and we can see here that they are featured with a thick outsole with the same technology but have a different design. The Lunch 5 has a less pattern on the heels area, unlike the Ghost 10 but it won’t actually affect the shoe in performance.

The heel is very thick and probably among the thickest we can get in the market, making them a nice option for those who run daily and as an everyday training to make sure the sole can last. Moving above the outsole, we will see the midsole area and this is what’s special from both models. Brooks used their BioMoGo DNA foam inside the midsole but it is actually not a foam in a form we used to know.

It is an insert of shear thickening non-newtonian fluid or more similar to a mix between cornstarch and water which when hit will become hard and then turn into soft again. What’s making it unique is the foam actually harden where you need support like when hitting the ground but soft and flexible enough when you bent the shoe. Their sole tread pattern is also designed with Segmented Crash Pad to adapt to each foot fall, supporting our feet no matter how they land to let runner enjoy a smooth ride all the time.

Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 Upper
Moving to the upper part, a running shoe doesn’t have to look appealing but style is not the only thing we have to check when looking for a running shoe since for a longer activity like running, we will need a comfort from both the bottom and upper part of the shoe. As for material wise, in our opinion the mesh fabric used in Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 are very helpful when it comes to reducing some temperature in your foot.

Below these mesh cover, there is a thick woven fabric which is very comfortable when wrapping your foot top and actually snuggle very well. Another thing we love from the upper is their eyelet guide on the tongue but somehow it is not present in all color option for some reason like the Launch 5 we used as an example above without the feature. As for Brooks Ghost 10, it has an eyelet guide on the upper as opposed in the middle like the other.

This may look very simple but we do love a guiding eyelet because not only it will help to hold the lace when running, it gives an additional fit to the shoe as well. In color option, both of them are available in a very wide range of collection to match with your favorite pair of running gear.

Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 Comfort
The last is comfort level because something that may look and sound good are not always able to provide the best feeling on our feet which is why we need to test a shoes especially when purchasing directly from a store. When tested, Brooks Launch 5 and Ghost 10 are indeed a very comfortable pair of shoes especially those who loves cushioning because it is the best thing here. It is thick and reducing the fatigue when in contact with the ground.

It is not suitable for those who need something to get a more contact with a surface because the sole is quite high here and we can’t actually feel how the surface like, except from the traction it creates. They are very suitable for people who runs often in both smooth or harsher terrain so almost all user can wear these shoes. In addition, the “bounciness” they create feels very nice to our foot to give a support and back our effort when landing and starting again.

Now, let’s compare Brooks Launch 5 with Ghost 10. Both of them are very similar to each other but Ghost 10 is thought to have a more cushioning inside and has a longer support so it can hurt those with high arch compared to Launch 5. Another difference is on the design or aesthetic but both are similarly pretty in our opinion.

Brooks Launch 5 vs Ghost 10

- Fabric,Manmade
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- The Brooks® Levitate running shoe is designed with the highest energy return possible so you will rise to every challenge you meet on the road.
- Enjoy the smoothest ride!
- Manmade and fabric mesh upper with logo accents for a soft and secure fit
- Lace up closure for a secure fit with a padded collar and tongue for added support
- Fabric lining

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and need. Since they are neutral running shoe, many people will found them comfortable but if we are to choose, we do like the Brooks Women’s Launch 5 better because this model suit our feet the best and has a decent cushioning.

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