Brooks Hyperion vs Ghost

Brooks have been one of the most popular and favorite shoes for running with their soft and cushiony sole but not too mushy as well for those who want to run faster. Some of their collections are ideal for beginners such as Brooks Hyperion Vs Ghost which are about the same as well in price point. But, the shoes are not exactly the same to each other and you may like one better so before deciding to choose one, let’s see which fits you best here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why do You Need a Pair of Running Shoes
  • What are Brooks Hyperion and Ghost
  • How are the Design of Brooks Hyperion and Ghost
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Hyperion and Ghost
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Hyperion and Ghost
  • How are the Run with Brooks Hyperion and Ghost
  • Brooks Hyperion Vs Ghost

Running Shoes 

Running is great, you can run almost anywhere as long as there is enough space. Since most people can run or walk fast without any equipment, it means we don’t have to spend on anything to start with the healthy habit. Sometimes you even see people walking or running barefoot and it is fine as long as they are comfortable with the feeling. But, for most people footwear is important or a must while running and if you also think so, it is better to settle with a running shoe instead of just any shoes.

If you ask whether running shoes make a difference, we confidently answer yes but if it is a must to have running shoes, the answer is no. Anyone can run without shoes or with any footwear they like including sandals if they prefer so. Technically, running barefoot even provides better control as the feet strike the ground but the purpose of footwear is to protect the feet. The skin on our feet may be thicker but there are lots of dangerous objects on the road that may harm your feet.

Running shoes clearly offer the best advantages over just any shoes because running itself is already hard on your joints and muscles so wearing the lightweight shoes with flexible sole and well cushioned will provide better comfort while the construction will help you to run more stable. Most running shoes are very similar to each other or carry similar qualities despite not exactly identical such as Hoka Clifton 5 Vs 6. All of them have good cushioning, breathable upper material, and lightweight with support and padding.

Depending on the shoe material or the intensity of your running, typically running shoes can last for 450 to 550 miles which is around 6 months depending on how often and how far you run every time. They are also available at a huge range of price points so investing on one shouldn’t be too difficult for many people. The more you pay the better the quality in most cases, they also have additional features such as extremely lightweight foam or superb comfort, and probably limited edition as well. 

Our favorite benefit of wearing running shoes is due to their stability because to run properly there is the technique and we are not a professional nor trained to do so. Shoes help the runner to be more stable so risk of injury is lower and depending on the shape of your feet, the right shoes can correct the way we run as well.

 Brooks Hyperion Ghost
Product Dimensions12 x 7 x 4 inches12 x 7.1 x 4.7 inches
Shipping Weight6.38 Ounces1.54 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Brooks Hyperion and Ghost

Considering what a pair of running shoes can offer, we do think they are a great addition in your shoe rack especially if you want to be more active and make running as a routine exercise. What’s a bit confusing is choosing the type of running shoes or which to buy since there are tons of them out there and not all will be useful for you or meet the preference. If you are shopping from a store, we can try them first but it will be more difficult when shopping through online platforms.

We do suggest to shop based on your own preference or what type of shoes will be beneficial for your activity. If this is still too general, we can shop based on the brand as well, which of them you like better or how much you want to spend. Among those manufacturers that are designing and creating running shoes, Brooks is one of the many with not only a good reputation but also a wide range of options to choose from so chances are you will find an ideal shoe from their collection.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are great for running especially at a higher speed, the Brooks Hyperion and Ghost are two impressive choices to consider. The two have been around for quite some time and the Ghost itself is currently in the 13th variant while Hyperion is still pretty new but, you can find another two variants of this shoe now; the Hyperion Elite and Tempo. The options we are talking about today will be the original Hyperion and the 12th version of Ghost. 

In comparison between Brooks Hyperion and Ghost, while they are equally good running shoes, the feeling of the shoes are not similar at all and while we do not recommend to go on trails with Ghost, at least the latter is still useful on a harsher surface while the Hyperion is a strictly road shoes. It is more of a racer flats than just a casual running shoes so if you are the type who are chasing over speed, the Hyperion is a more promising option to go for.

Brooks Hyperion and Ghost Design

Even by seeing these shoes, we are sure you can already guess the differences and what prominently make these shoes feel different will be the amount of cushioning both on the upper and sole. As you can see, the Hyperion is a pretty thin shoe and it is probably more similar to a racer type such as Floatride Energy 2.0 by Reebok. Ghost on the other hand has a thicker silhouette, it looks like a daily trainer and retains the shape well after you take them off.

It feels like everything in Hyperion is shaved off on the thickness to make a lightweight shoe great for running and it is prominent as well with a weight of only 6.4 oz. compared to Ghost 12 which is already 10 oz. It doesn’t mean Ghost is a heavy shoe but Hyperion is extremely light. Aesthetic wise, we do like how Ghost looks here but it is probably only based on personal preference and in comparison, this shoe still looks nice for other exercises as well.

Brooks Hyperion and Ghost Upper

Moving further, let’s see what Brooks Hyperion and Ghost can offer starting from the upper. The prominent difference is that Hyperion is very thin so when you take off the shoes, chances are the toe box will lose its shape. The upper is similarly from mesh material for breathability but they are different with Ghost being padded more and feels plush as well on the inside. With Hyperion, the fit feels like a sock however, so it conforms to the feet really well.

Personally we like the plush upper and the tongue of Ghost is thicker to prevent the shoelace from pressing too hard on the feet. While the lace is similarly flat, Ghost still has a slight padding of foam compared to Hyperion. Additionally, the collar is also thicker in Ghost but comfort wise the two are very comfy and should fit most people.

Brooks Hyperion and Ghost Sole

Next for the sole, Brooks Hyperion and Ghost are also very different here. If you have the older Ghost, the sole stays the same with their DNA Loft and BioMogo DNA foam which is very soft but is not flimsy too. They are cushiony rather than squishy so you will feel some feedback as well when going with higher speed. It is not for racing or tempo run however so moderate speed is what it will feel best for.

On the other hand, the Hyperion is unique, it doesn’t feel like the sole is fully made of foam and probably a mix between foam and rubber. It is pretty thin compared to Ghost with a forefoot stack at 13mm and heel stack height at 23mm while the cushioned shoes are at 19mm and 31mm respectively. The heel drop is also different at only 10mm while Ghost is 12mm so side by side you will find Hyperion to be quite flat in general.

Brooks Hyperion and Ghost Experience 

Lastly on the feel, the Brooks Hyperion and Ghost are very different. Our feet can feel the ground quite well with Hyperion and this is great for control along with speed but it is not for high mileage and best for a fast pace but short exercise in general. The cushion in Ghost is more comfortable for a wider range of application but overall it is responsive enough for up to moderate speed and we like it better for a long mileage or as walking shoes.

Brooks Hyperion vs Ghost

Different people may need different running shoes and what meets their activities. Between Brooks Hyperion and Ghost, the two are great options but for different runners because the Hyperion is more for a tempo running or intervals and any fast pace workout but, the latter is more of a slow to moderate pace one which is focusing on the comfort or the type you can do in prolonged time. Hyperion has thinner upper and flatter sole in general which gives a better control with speed.

- LIGHTWEIGHT CUSHIONING: DNA ZERO midsole compound adapts to your unique stride while offering our lightest foam to deliver consistent cushion from the starting gun to the finish line.
- FASTER STEPS: Our carbon fiber Propulsion Plate with a unique spine construction speeds your transition from heel to forefoot in each step and propels your toe-off.
- ENERGY SAVING: The Hyperion Elite keeps you running in your preferred motion path, allowing you to save energy and run faster for longer.
- UNISEX SIZING: Ladies, when ordering "unisex" shoes, order 1.5 sizes smaller than your usual women's size.
- SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The neutral support type provides high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Ghost 11
- BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning work together to provide a just-right softness underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability - yet it feels lighter than ever.
- SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: No matter how your foot lands, our Segmented Crash Pad - an integrated system of shock absorbers - will cushion every step and stride for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.
- SOFT, SECURE, FIT: The newly engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print practically disappears on your foot with strategically placed stretch and structure.


There are no bad shoes between these two and you should go for the one that meets with your personal preference or activities. If you are a fast paced runner or aiming for speed, the Hyperion is the best choice but if you are more laid back, we suggest getting Ghost. 

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