Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Vs Nike Vaporfly

Running is an effective cardio exercise that is also easy to access almost for everyone. While you can run at different terrain or space, a running shoe is a great addition to the exercise because they increase comfort. Running shoes such as Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Vs Nike Vaporfly are not only attractive but also comfortable for long distance running as well as light enough for performance. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, see below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Running Shoes
  • What are Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly
  • How are the Appearance of Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly
  • How are the Experience with Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly
  • Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Vs Nike Vaporfly

Running Shoes

In modern days where many of us are often neglecting our own health for convenience, it can be difficult to stay away from damaging lifestyle or habit. Running is one of the many solutions to maintain fitness and is an active hobby which almost everyone can do. Running is also beneficial for cardiac health and for people who plan to reduce body fat by spending more energy than what they consume. Since it can be done in almost any spacious area, it can be more accessible for most people.

Talking about running we will talk about running shoes as well and one question that always seems to surface is whether they are necessary. For those who are not used to or just dislike wearing shoes this may hinder them from trying this new lifestyle but the answer is no, there is never a strict requirement for running except anything related to health issues. If you want, we can even run barefoot or on sandals, in case those are the most comfortable for you.

The reason why running shoes are mainstream worn by runners and many active people is because this footwear is designed for the activity, just like sportswear for fitness enthusiasts; they are often the most comfortable for the activity. They are also protective to cover your feet from any dangerous objects on the road or other terrains, especially if you prefer to run off the road. Since there is padding below the feet, it is naturally more comfortable to hit the ground with a support layer.

Running shoes have been researched numerous times since long ago and it is believed that they can help or correct the way you run. Most people may be familiar with neutral and motion control shoes since it is often used to help determine which shoes to buy. There are debates over whether they matter or not so if you have certain conditions then it is wise to consult with your doctor in order to find the best solution or shoes.

 Brooks Hyperion Elite 2Nike Vaporfly
Product Dimensions14.3 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches10.6 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

For most people who are not concerned about any injury or physical limitation, any running shoes can be a good option. Comfort is one of the best ways to decide which of them to purchase and this is why trying them first and doing some running with them is necessary. Unfortunately, with the increasing amount of online stores, we also tend to buy from home. While this method is less reliable, it is far more convenient and for those with no specific concerns, the available options should offer a wide variety of choice as well.

About Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly

Just like many products, running shoes are available in a wide varying price range which is great to help you get the best whether it is about quality, performance, or most out of the budget. Those priced higher usually are not an everyday training and more of a professional or enthusiasts who are shopping to get the best gear their money can have. If you are aiming to improve performance, spending more will get you promising products.

It is not difficult to find running shoes because there are already plenty of popular brands in the market; some of them are Brooks and Nike. They are famous but at different price ranges with Brooks being the go-to for budget shoppers with their amazingly comfortable shoes like Brooks Revel 3 Vs Ghost 12 and Nike with their high-end options such as ZoomX Vaporfly Next%. Nike is also probably more well-known on the performance shoes with many options focusing on these criteria.

For those who are planning to beat their record, running at medium to high mileage or running in competition, the importance of fast running shoes is not negligible and thus, we have to find shoes that are not only comfortable to run on but also helpful to increase your performance. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly are two ideal options for this category because they are meant for such application but, not exactly the same to each other which is probably the reason why you are here.

These are premium running shoes and as you can expect, they are also designed with premium technology and available at a pretty steep price point. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly are suitable for marathons and those who will be running at a fast pace. They are not regular training nor for a more laid back walking. They are also using similar technology so we do think you can go well with any of them and it is not necessary to change into the other if you already have one of the options.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly Design

Before checking what these shoes are all about, let’s see the impression first. Both of them are looking like regular running shoes and for Hyperion Elite 2, this shoe is looking exactly like the original model but you can set them apart by checking the model number on the tongue. The shoes have a sliced heel different from Vaporfly in this comparison the Flyknit 4% which is extended a little bit longer than the shoes. Aesthetic wise they look good but not overly eye-catching too, except if you go for the bright colors of Vaporfly.

The two have a flat and thin shoelace which is great for minimizing weight as well as providing a natural tightening feeling as well. When buying running shoes meant for performance, one of the criteria is probably their weight and we are happy to say that these shoes are very similar with an average weight of 212 to 217 grams for size 9 to 10.5. In addition, the shoes are unisex for men and women runners.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly Upper

Moving to the more important part, let’s see the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly upper and starting with Hyperion, this shoes is made with woven, stretch material which is the same as the original model. The upper is quite thin and is very comfortable; not exactly like a one piece that is Vaporly 4% Flyknit but is very stretchy and breathable to not cause any discomfort. On the other hand, as the name suggests the Vaporfly is using Flyknit material and is claimed to be lighter than the previous version.

It is single construction so you can expect a good fit as well as a sock like feeling from the material. It has various ventilations holes or just perforated for better air circulation while is still firm enough to maintain the shape. One thing to note is we will need some time to stretch the material so it can conform to our feet shape better.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly Sole

Now moving to the sole, as we have mentioned above the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly are using similar technology and this is by adding a layer of carbon plate in the mid-layer of the sole. This layer is meant to add feedback into every strike that you make which is why running with them is very comfortable. The original Hyperion was too firm since they used different types of foam but now the shoes have DNA Flash that is a bit heavier but softer and springy too.

The feeling is almost like Nike’s ZoomX foam with the kind of responsiveness. This type of foam will return your energy back from the ground and is a great shock absorption material. In comparison however, the ZoomX is bouncier but still pretty stable as well for road application.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly Experience

Lastly about their overall experience, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 and Nike Vaporfly are a great alternative for each other. The feeling is not exactly the same, especially with Vaporfly which we personally prefer on the upper. It doesn’t mean the Hyperion upper doesn’t feel comfy, but the single-piece just feels better. On the sole both are cushiony and springy but Nike’s ZoomX seems to be able to provide more feedback or bounce after every strike. The two are surprisingly stable as well as long as only used for road or indoor training.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Vs Nike Vaporfly

Both of these running shoes are made for comfort and performance. They are among the premium lines you can get from the brands and prominent differences are mostly on the upper in which Nike choose to use a single-piece of Flyknit material, which in our opinion is conforming to the foot shape better and is very comfortable too. These shoes do have bounciness but ZoomX feels more springy and gives more feedback.

- Updated nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole balances ultralight weight with energy return and durability for sustainable speed.
- Rapid Roll Technology encourages fast turnover.
- Midsole stack height has been increased by 2mm for enhanced cushioning.
- DNA FLASH will maintain cushioning and responsiveness for 200-400 miles, just like daily trainers.
- Flyknit constructed upper provides lightweight breathability and support.
- Full-length carbon fiber plate feels like it's propelling you forward.
- Internal heel design secures the back of your foot.
- Outsole features optimal rubber for efficiency and traction.


You can go amazing with any of them and it is probably about personal taste at most. We personally recommend the Vaporfly especially for performance and marathon but for indoor usage like treadmills, both are equally impressive.

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