Brooks Glycerin vs Levitate

When it comes to the best running shoes on the market, Brooks is one of the most popular brands. The brand always provides some of the best shoes for all kinds of runners. From high mileage runners to short distance runners, ordinary runners to athletes; Brooks has something special for everyone.

Brooks Levitate and Brooks Glycerin are the two best-selling running shoes among the most popular brands. Both running shoes are popular and have become popular choices for runners. Now, we think it’s expected that both these shoes are the upgrades from Brooks Levitate and Glycerin 15.

Manufacturers have tried their best to add some new features to the desktop to make these shoes better than previous versions. If you already have any concerns about these shoes, our detailed product reviews will further help you make an informed buying decision.

Brooks Glycerin (Glycerin 16)

The game name of Glycerin 16 is basically comfortable and simple. This neutral trainer is the most comfortable pair Brooks currently offers and delights runners who just want to wear shoes that feel comfortable on their feet. Although this does make it one of the heavier shoes, Glycerin has almost reached the limit of the cushioning performance.

Take a look at the midsole of Glycerin and you will notice some changes. 16 uses a new type of foam called “DNA Loft” to enhance the comfort of previous models without reducing responsiveness or durability. Both claims were verified by our wear testers, including a longtime Brooks fan who immediately noticed the foam exchange.

Brooks also carried a brand new foam in another way to increase comfort. The sole of the 16 has a slight structural adjustment and is divided into transition areas to make your steps more stable and natural. Between the new foam and softer riding, our wear testers listed Glycerin as one of the comfortable shoes they used to wear.

Brooks GlycerinBrooks Levitate
Product Dimensions8 x 6 x 14 inches0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Shipping Weight9.17 ounces14.39 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

But for some people, these 16 shoes are just too much in terms of cushioning. The Glycerin 16 maintains the same outsole as the predecessor, which drove on smooth, wet roads and even experienced some slight gliding.

But one of the most common words of testers is to praise the durability of the shoes. The deep tread and overall firm feel convinced the testers that Glycerin will be ready for weeks of hard training.

In order to match the new foam midsole, Glycerin is also equipped with a comfortable insole. Brooks is equipped with internal insoles for the 16s, which can completely wrap your feet to suit your pace.

Testers said that this addition makes the shoes more fit, but some people think that Glycerin still feels too spacious, so they chose to reduce the size by half. It leaves a very spacious toe box and upper side, making the feet feel free, despite the heel might deliver a bit inconvenience.

The final improvement of this shoe is the use of a 3D printed upper made of double jacquard mesh, which makes these Glycerin 16 shoes more breathable and durable than the previous version. In addition, Brooks also showed the gorgeous aesthetics of Glycerin in rich colors, including seven selections for women and six selections for men.

Brooks Levitate (Levitate 2)

Brooks Levitate 2 debuted on the market in the summer of 2018. It is a running shoe that helps you reach top speed and save your knees with carefully crafted shock absorbers. Although it is more than 12 months old, in the winter of 2019, it is still a very popular running shoe, especially in the US market.

With its mid-bottom technology DNA AMP, Brooks Levitate 2 can be widely used as a fully versatile running model for runners from short to medium distances.

Especially where the pace is changed between slow and fast sprint performance, where you can actually see the difference between it and other running shoes (compared to Saucony Triumph ISO 5). DNA AMP technology can make you really speed up. It feels very sensitive, and consists of polyurethane surrounded by TPU.

The special TPU can ensure that the shoe resists lateral expansion, so the internal foam will not expand outward. In this way, a large part of the energy from the execution of the steps will eventually return directly to your feet. Therefore, the energy feedback of this model is indeed pretty amazing.

The power and flexibility of this shoe is even multiplied by its arrow-shaped crystalline rubber outsole. The specific shape helps you feel good adhesion on the front of the foot, and fit really well during fast pace.

The Fit Knit upper can be adjusted according to the foot shape, so even if the size adjustment is not accurate, the upper can be perfectly stretched. It can replicate the shape of the feet, even with socks, so it feels very good. By resizing, many users have absolutely no problems.

Sounds like a great running shoe? Yes, it does. But even Brooks Levitate may also have some shortcomings. The minus is actually on the upper part. Even if it feels good, it is not as breathable as people expect.

It looks breathable, but it feels uncomfortable even at short distances. It is definitely not as breathable as the 2018 Nike Free Flyknit upper. Therefore, in the end, this version of Brooks Levitate 2 is ideal for runners who focus on training rather than sprinting to reach the finish line or long distance. Read also: Brooks Revel 3 vs Revel 4.

An above-average weight will not add anything. On the other hand, the shoe has extraordinary high-quality cushioning performance. Overall, it is a comfortable and pleasant running shoe.

Brooks Glycerin vs Levitate

- SHOE SIZE: "D" = Medium width, "EE" = Wide width
- FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with a medium to high arch looking for neutral support.
- SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING: Brooks brand-new DNA LOFT cushioning is engineered to provide a luxurious feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.
- BREATHABLE: The new Double Jacquard Mesh is engineered for strategic breathability, flexibility, and structure.
- SHOE SIZE: "B" = Medium width
- FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with a medium to high arch looking for neutral support.
- ENERGIZED FEEL: Delivers a responsive and springy ride to add extra lift to your stride without compromising support or speed.
- ENERGIZED CUSHIONING: With the most energy return of leading performance running shoes, the DNA AMP midsole technology in Levitate 2 gives you back more of the effort you put in.


Now that we have made a detailed comparison between Brooks Levitate and Glycerin, what is your opinion? Based on the reviews and ratings provided by existing customers, we concluded that Brooks Glycerin 16 is better than Brooks Levitate 2.

The overall character of Brooks Glycerin 16 is breathable without compromise, with the ideal pressure zone, even in sudden impact it can eliminate excessive pressure. Although the upper of Brooks Levitate 2 shoes has holes to stimulate airflow, there is no improvement in terms of air permeability.

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