Brooks Glycerin vs Adrenaline

Brooks is one of the most popular brands when it comes to running shoes and they do have lots to choose from based on how you will want to run or the application such as Brooks Glycerin Vs Adrenaline that are suitable for runners who are seeking comfort while running for a longer distance. The two are pretty similar to each other while also different and for those who are considering buying one of these shoes, let’s see the comparison below before deciding the option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choose Running as an Exercise
  • What are Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline
  • How are the Appearance of Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline
  • How are the Running with Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline
  • Brooks Glycerin Vs Adrenaline

Running Benefits

We all have heard that exercise is great for our overall health and the type of exercise sometimes doesn’t matter as long as they are properly done, we will achieve some benefits from the activity even if it is just helping reduce some energy that will be stored as fat in the body. Among all types of exercises, running is probably the most convenient and easily available for most people because as long as there is enough space we can run anywhere even around the neighborhood.

Running is also beneficial to the body sometimes without us realizing it. If you are not a fan of running outdoors for various reasons, we can do it indoors with a treadmill and what’s great is the benefit will be the same. According to a study published in the journal of American College of Spot Medicine, even 30 minutes on a treadmill will be enough to help elevate the mood, especially for individuals who are suffering from major depressive disorder. You can also walk or run at a slower pace to enjoy this benefit.

Some people may avoid running because the reputation of this exercise is seemingly bad for knees but, this is often the sign of overtraining or due to the need to improve one’s form or flexibility yet running probably is not the reason for knee osteoarthritis. There is this 8-year study with 2,637 participants that found runners are less likely to develop knee pain or osteoarthritis. The reason is perhaps because running keeps the BMI at check and leg muscle strong as running also strengthens bones.

Lack of sleep seems to be the problem of many people even among young individuals and running may help this problem because a study where 52 young people at the average age of 18 who are adding a running routine found to sleep better than the half of the group who are doing other types of exercise but doesn’t include running. The research also shows improved physiological functioning and helps improve focus during the day.

Running will improve cardiovascular health and this is probably the most popular reason why people started running because aerobic activity is good for the heart in general. The more we run the better as well the benefit so increasing the amount from time to time will train the heart further. There is ongoing concern about how the activity may scar the heart however the ongoing research shows that it should not be a concern.

 Brooks GlycerinAdrenaline
Product Dimensions12 x 7 x 4.6 inches11.8 x 7 x 4.4 inches
Shipping Weight1.45 Pounds1.8 Pounds
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About Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline

Running is chosen because the exercise is very convenient and in most cases we don’t have to spend a lot to properly do it unlike when investing on gym membership or committing to a certain type of sports but, there is one gear we have to wear when running and this is running shoes. This is not a must and some people did run without any footwear as well but, the shoes purpose is both to protect your feet from the surface and to aid comfort while running.

Running shoes are designed to aid the running activities and we should wear them especially when running outdoors for both safety and comfort. Plenty of running shoes to choose from based on how you will want the footwear to feel like. Brooks is one of the best running shoes brands in the market when it comes to good quality products and a wide range of choice. We recommend shopping based on how you want the shoes to feel like or based on the brands to save time.

Brooks is often chosen among others because most of their shoes are priced wisely as well as suitable for most people, especially beginners. We personally like many of their cushiony shoes because the level of cushion is just right or not overly soft and if you like this type of running shoes as well, Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline are two ideal options to consider. These running shoes are very comfortable and suitable for prolonged run or walk but not so much for performance.

For those who are going to beat their previous record or want a shoe that can aid their fast pace running, we recommend Brooks Hyperion Vs Hyperion Tempo since these are more suitable for the application. As for Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline, we do think these two are great for runners who will want to run at a longer mileage because these shoes are very comfortable but, in comparison the latter should work well for intervals too.

Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline Appearance 

People’s taste in design or appearance may vary but personally we really like how Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline are shaped. They are just like any daily trainer and should look good on most people too but we also agree that there is nothing special about the design as well. For a quick note there are several variants of these shoes already and the one we are talking about here will be the Glycerin 18 and Adrenaline GTS 20. Both are available in an older and the newest options too but chances are the differences will be minor.

In comparison both shoes are very robust, they will stay on their shape without support and both the upper and sole are thick enough to wrap the feet while running as well as cushioning it. The build quality is identical with Brooks native design or logo printed in the middle upper of the shoe. The differences are specifically on the upper which the latter have a more prominent support that may or may not help in the way of your running stability.

Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline can offer starting from the upper part. Compared to the older shoes, now Glycerin 18 has a new mesh but it doesn’t look that much different in reality also when side by side with Adrenaline GTS 20. This mesh is still breathable with plenty of ventilations all over the fabric. What’s gone from Glycerin is the traditional overlays since now it uses 3D Fit Print saddle for better and more seamless secure fit.

This technology is also found on GTS 20 so we do think the material for the upper on both shoes is identical to each other. Besides the material, the two also gave the same plush feeling to your feet since the upper is quite thick yet somehow they maintain the weight to stay around 290-300 grams for the two respectively. What’s special in Adrenaline is the internal support system called GuideRails located at the side of the shoe to keep your kneel aligned properly.

Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline Sole

Next on the sole, the Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline are also slightly different. The former shoes are using DNA Loft foam, the same with Adrenaline and this is a foam that is designed to be lightweight with added air which makes the foam soft in general. The midsole of Glycerin uses Omega Flex Grooves to help with flexibility through the responsive materials. The latter also has a DNA Loft crash pad on the mid-to-lateral heel that bridges the foam into BioMoGo DNA which supports the rest of the shoes.

We do think the soles of these shoes are very much the same to each other in feeling and they are also very similar in height so if you like a medium type of shoes, the two will be a great choice especially with the 31 and 30mm heel stack and 19 or 18mm forefoot stack respectively.

Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline Experience 

Strangely, the ride of Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline are almost like the same shoes. The upper feels identical along with the level of support their soles are offering. These shoes seem to be great for long mileage but can handle speed decently if you want to increase the pace. The only thing we notice is that Adrenaline’s upper gives a slightly more support for the run. This shoe feels like it helps by aiding the feet to keep rolling forward instead of lateral, probably due to the GuideRail.

Brooks Glycerin vs Adrenaline

Both of these running shoes are suitable for runners who will kick off a long mileage with their trainers. The prominent difference in our opinion is based on the additional support of Adrenaline that makes the shoes feel more stable in general for those who tend to roll their feet in lateral motion as the shoes will keep the knees aligned properly when hitting the ground. The upper of Brooks Glycerin and Adrenaline are similarly comfy and the sole is as cushiony too without being too mushy.

- THIS SHOE IS FOR: The Glycerin 18 is perfect for runners who think there's no such thing as too much cushioning. The upper enhances comfort by perfectly balancing stretch and structure.
- SUPPORT AND CUSHION: Provides neutral support while offering the maximum amount of cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Glycerin 17.
- SUPER-SOFT CUSHIONING: Increased DNA LOFT super-soft cushioning allows for even more extreme softness, without losing responsiveness or durability, while the OrthoLite sockliner provides premium step-in comfort.
- PLUSH FIT: The plush feel of an internal stretch bootie surrounds your foot and moves and expands with your stride. The engineered mesh upper enhances the fit.
- SUPPORT AND CUSHION: Provides just the right amount of stability and support, great for overpronation while providing high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross training, the gym or wherever you might want to take them! Predecessor: Adrenaline GTS 19
- BALANCED, SOFT CUSHIONING: The DNA LOFT Crash Pad cushions each footfall and works with BioMoGo DNA to adapt to your every stride.
- MODERNIZED FIT: A new streamlined, engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit Print offers the structure and proven fit the Adrenaline is known for-without excess bulk.
- GUIDERAILS HOLISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEM: We've shifted our focus beyond the feet to the most injury-prone part of a runner’s body: the knees. GuideRails keep you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check.


There is no bad option between the two and we can go amazing with any of these shoes but if you prefer a shoes with more support especially on the side of the feet, the Adrenaline is a great choice but if you prefer a more neutral trainer, the Glycerin should meet the purpose.


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