Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14

Brooks Ghost 9 and Brooks Glycerin 14 were released at the same time, and they are both outstanding shoes that have greatly improved from their predecessors. Both are neutral cushioned running shoes, suitable for people who don’t have any pronation issue but can do with some extra padding down there. Brooks Ghost 9 offers an overall soft ride and good stability, whereas Brooks Glycerin 14 comes with a premium cushioning for added comfort. Continue reading below for the more detailed comparisons between Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14!

Upper Design
These two shoes have very different upper designs. Brooks Ghost 9 features an open mesh design whose structure mimics overlays, especially on the forefoot area (take a look at the comparisons between Brooks Ghost 8 vs 9 here). There are light no-sew overlays that wrap around the midfoot area. Compared to Brooks Glycerin 14, Brooks Ghost 9 provides a slightly looser fit. For sure, it feels comfortable.

On the other hand, Brooks Glycerin 14 comes with a broad, sturdy overlay which wraps around the midfoot for a secure and consistent fit. It also has 3D Stretch Print overlays which provide support and structural integrity across the upper. As a result, it feels snugger and more solid.

Midsole and Cushioning
Perhaps the most significant difference between Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14 is about the midsole and cushioning. Brooks Ghost 9 has a comfortable midsole, but it is not meant to provide an extreme level of cushioning. On the other hand, Brooks Glycerin 14 offers a plush running experience.

Brooks Ghost 9 scores better in terms of stability and ground feel. This is apparently because the midsole is not too thick. It is just enough for good shock absorption. It still allows you to feel the ground so that you can run with confidence. There is actually a little bit more cushioning under the heel area. However, if you have joint pain issues, you may need a cushier shoe.

Brooks Glycerin 14 can be your choice if you need a cushier shoe or if you prefer a very plush running experience. The midsole is much thicker and cushier. It significantly reduces road impacts, and it feels very nice. You can still feel good ground contact, and it allows smoother transitions from the heel strike to the toe off.

Both shoes use similar materials on their outsoles. Their tread patterns look similar, with Brooks Glycerin 14 being a little bit more aggressive. Overall, both shoes can grip well onto the road.

Although Brooks Ghost 9 comes with deeper flex grooves which are articulated through the entire length of the outsole, it tends to be pretty stiff on the sides. Brooks Glycerin 14 is generally more flexible, allowing easy turns and maneuvers.

- Synthetic-And-Mesh
- Made in USA
- Rubber sole
- Watch the miles disappear behind you with each stride you take in the Brooks® Ghost 9 running shoe!
- Synthetic-And-Mesh
- Made in USA or Imported
- Rubber sole
- Your stride cuts through each mile like butter in the luxuriously plush of the Brooks® Glycerin 14 running shoe!

In general, if you are a neutral runner who needs some added stability in order to run comfortably and confidently, you should choose Brooks Ghost 9. However, if you prefer a very plush running experience, Brooks Glycerin 14 is the way to go. This model also offers a snugger fit and slightly better flex.

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