Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10

To run at your peak performance, you need a pair of comfortable shoes. If you often experience pain when running, you may need thicker cushioning than what is offered by regular shoes. Brooks Ghost 9 and Brooks Ghost 10 are both neutral cushioned running shoes. So, which one between Brooks Ghost 9 vs 10 is better?

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Upper Design
Brooks Ghost 10 retains some nice parts of Brooks Ghost 9, but some things have been improved. First of all, Brooks Ghost 10 still uses a similar engineered mesh as the one on Brooks Ghost 9. This is a high-quality material that is flexible yet very durable. It minimizes the need for overlays, especially on the forefoot, hence also improving the comfort. See also: Brooks Ghost 9 vs Adrenaline 16.

According to Brooks, Brooks Ghost 10 has 3D Stretch Print overlays throughout the midfoot. These overlays look really stylish. They also provide more support than Brooks Ghost 9’s no-sew overlays. On the front, Brooks Ghost 10 features stitched-on toecap that is more durable compared to Brooks Ghost 9’s less stitched toecap. Overall, the upper of Brooks Ghost 10 is more supportive and durable.

Both models use the same midsole material, which is the BioMoGo DNA. This material offers a soft cushioned ride that still allows you to get some stability and support. However, Brooks Ghost 10 has added a second layer of foam just under the heel. This allows for better impact absorption and improved cushy feel.

Brooks Ghost 10’s two layers of foam are to replace Brooks Ghost 9’s full-length crash pad on the lateral side. These layers of foam work very well as intended. They introduce even more cushioning and smoothness. Note that these shoes are made for people who need extra cushioning instead of support, so they aren’t as supportive as some support-oriented shoes. For sure, these shoes can help you run more comfortably.

Also, both Brooks Ghost 9 vs Brooks Ghost 10 have neutral profiles. They don’t provide any lateral support for pronation control. These shoes are suitable for neutral runners that don’t have significant pronation issues.

The rubber compartments on the outsole of Brooks Ghost 10 are quite different from Brooks Ghost 9. While they have similar deep flex grooves in the forefoot, Brooks Ghost 10 is slightly more flexible due to having more separations. It also has more biting edges, so it can provide more grip and traction. Brooks Ghost 9 uses a similar material but the sipes aren’t as many and pronounced so the grip won’t be as great.

Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10

- Fabric
- Made in USA
- Rubber sole
- Watch the miles disappear behind you with each stride you take in the Brooks® Ghost 9 running shoe!
- Fabric
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Get lost in your thoughts with a smooth and well-cushioned ride in the Brooks® Ghost 10.

Between these two models, Brooks Ghost 10 is definitely more recommended. It comes with some improvements on the upper, midsole, and outsole. The upper is more comfortable and supportive, and the midsole offers even better cushioning with the dual foam layers. The new outsole design improves the grip and traction for solid, confident footing.

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