Brooks Ghost 9 vs Adrenaline 16

In the following article, we are going to discuss about two of Brooks’s most popular running shoes, which are Ghost 9 and Adrenaline 16. Although the two are very popular, you should first understand that these two shoes are entirely different from each other. Brooks Ghost 9 is a nicely cushioned running shoe which offers a soft ride and great comfort for neutral runners. On the other hand, Brooks Adrenaline 16 is geared more for stability, and is suitable for overpronators. Let’s see the details on Brooks Ghost 9 vs Adrenaline 16 below!

Upper Design
If you put Ghost 9 and Adrenaline 16 side by side, you can notice that Brooks Adrenaline 16 has significantly more overlays and stitches. There are also no-sew overlays on this shoe, but the pieces are thicker than those found in Ghost 9. Adrenaline 16 can give more hold and support in the midfoot area. There are overlays running from the saddle to the forefoot’s sides, hence creating a tighter and more solid fit in the area.

On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 9’s mesh upper is slightly more open. This shoe has fewer overlays and stitches, so it can be quite more flexible. Unlike Adrenaline 16, Ghost 9 does not have any overlay running directly into the toe box area. But there are still some structures in the right places to provide enough support. Take a look into our previous post about the comparisons of Brooks Ghost 9 with its predecessor, Brooks Ghost 8 vs 9.

As a matter of fact, Brooks Ghost 9 and Brooks Adrenaline 16 use the same type of cushioning. However, Ghost 9 has a slightly thicker cushioning, which brings more softness and comfort. The difference is most noticeable in the heel area. Here, Brooks Ghost 9 is very cushy and comfortable. This is the very reason why Ghost 9 can be a decent choice for people with heel or joint pain. You will also enjoy running in Ghost 9 if you are a heel-striker.

On the other hand, the special feature of Brooks Adrenaline 16 is the long post on the medial side of the shoe. This post provides extra support to prevent the foot from rolling inward too far. The post actually consists of several foam layers of different densities to create a gradual stopping effect. It is further reinforced with a small midfoot shank. Hence, Brooks Adrenaline 16 can give a great amount of support, which is very beneficial for overpronators.

The outsoles of Brooks Ghost 9 vs Adrenaline 16 are very similar. They both have small rubber pods with decent separation. Thanks to the decent separation, both shoes here can provide smooth rides and smooth heel-to-toe transitions. Both also provide decent ground contact. Although Brooks Ghost 9 has more cuts in the rubber outsole, it is not necessarily more flexible than Brooks Adrenaline 16. The rubber outsoles are indeed durable and more on the stiff side.

- Mesh
- Made in USA
- Watch the miles disappear behind you with each stride you take in the Brooks® Ghost 9 running shoe!
- Mesh
- Made in USA or Imported
- Heel measures approximately 1 inches

If you are a neutral runner looking for great, comfortable cushioning, Brooks Ghost 9 is the way to go. This model offers very good cushioning, especially in the heel area. However, if you are an overpronator, you should choose Brooks Adrenaline 16, which can give great gradual support on the medial side.

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