Brooks Ghost 8 vs 9

Brooks Ghost is a line of neutral cushioned running shoes. These shoes are great for people with neutral feet, with arches that are not very pronounced. Brooks Ghost 9 is an updated version of Brooks Ghost 8, and there are minor tweaks added around the new model. So, is the new model really better? Let’s now compare Brooks Ghost 8 vs 9 and determine the best model for you.

Upper Design
If you observe the two shoes carefully, there are minor tweaks on the new model. The mesh of Brooks Ghost 9 has been engineered to provide structural integrity and breathability, pretty much just like Brooks Ghost 8 – see our previous post about Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 vs Brooks Ghost 8. However, Brooks Ghost 9 possesses fewer stitches on both the heel area and the forefoot area.Brooks Ghost 9 now uses no-sew overlays that are sturdy yet flexible. This leads to reduced irritation points.

Furthermore, Brooks Ghost 8 features overlays that wrap the midfoot from the laces to the midsole. On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 9 now uses thin strips that go across the midfoot to hold the mesh and thus the foot as well. The front part of Brooks Ghost 9 is now made nearly completely stitch-free and also more streamlined.

On the back, Brooks Ghost 8 is more open. Brooks Ghost 9 covers the back a little bit more. Overall, Brooks Ghost 9 can provide a little bit more space in the midfoot and forefoot to accommodate a wider range of foot shapes.

Now comparing the midsoles of Brooks Ghost 8 vs 9, they are actually quite similar. Each features a full-length crash pad that goes from the rear of the heel to the front on the lateral side. However, you can notice a small yet important difference on the medial side. Brooks Ghost 8 does not have any separation.

On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 9 now has a separation on the medial side between the heel section and the forefoot section. This change indicates that some material of the crash pad has been implemented as well on the medial side, and it will increase the cushioning especially under the heel.

Both Brooks Ghost 8 and Brooks Ghost 9 aren’t super-cushy shoes. But they do provide above average cushioning especially on the forefoot area. Hence, you will be able to run with comfort while still getting a good ground feel.

The difference in ride is hardly noticeable. Even though the two shoes middle forefoot flex grooves have slightly different patterns, they do not feel really different.Brooks Ghost 9 has smaller and more plentiful rubber pods than Brooks Ghost 8. Nevertheless, both of these two shoes can provide great stability and ground feel. Brooks Ghost 9 seems to ride a little bit closer to the ground than Brooks Ghost 8, but once again the difference is not very noticeable.

- Mesh^Synthetic
- Hecho en USA
- Synthetic sole
- The unearthly plush and dynamic ride of the Brooks Ghost 8 are sure to haunt your soles for miles to come!
- Synthetic-And-Mesh
- Made in USA or Imported
- Rubber sole
- Watch the miles disappear behind you with each stride you take in the Brooks Ghost 9 running shoe!

Brooks Ghost 9 is indeed a good improvement from Brooks Ghost 8. While the changes are rather small, they bring positive effects to the overall performance and quality. Brooks Ghost 9 uses fewer stitches. It has more no-sew overlays. The fit can accommodate a wider range of foot shapes better. It can also provide more cushioning on the medial side.

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