Brooks Ghost 7 vs 8

In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between two popular running shoes from Brooks, which are Brooks Ghost 7 vs 8. Both have a neutral profile. However, there are significant changes on the upper construction, which affect the support, stability, and overall smoothness. Depending on your preferences, either Brooks Ghost 7 or Brooks Ghost 8 will be more suitable.

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– Which one that is more recommended for the money.

Upper Construction
You can immediately notice that Brooks Ghost 8 is very different from Brooks Ghost 7. The upper looks quite different, as it features a new type of mesh with some additional no-sew overlays. Compared to the previous version, Brooks Ghost 8 does feel more open. It is more breathable, so the interior can be cooler and drier during the run. See also: Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10.

Brooks Ghost 7 has a traditional stitched-on overlay that runs from the heel to the midfoot. On Brooks Ghost 8, it has been replaced with a no-sew overlay. However, there are still stitched overlays on the front and back to provide structural integrity and support. Overall, although Brooks Ghost 7 is already comfortable enough for most users, Brooks Ghost 8 can be even more comfortable due to the enhanced breathability and reduced potential irritation points.

Both Brooks Ghost 7 and Brooks Ghost 8 come with the BioMoGo midsole which features the company’s proprietary Brooks DNA cushioning. It is very nice for running. It can provide good shock absorption and cushioning while maintaining stability. You can learn more about Brooks DNA cushioning from Brooks’s official page here.

However, there is a change on the crash pad. On Brooks Ghost 7, the crash pad runs from the heel to the midfoot along the lateral side. There is a second piece on the medial side. The combination mimics a horseshoe. On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 8 has a full-length crash pad on the lateral side without any piece on the medial side. As the effect, it may feel slightly less cushy, but it offers softer and smoother transition.

Both Brooks Ghost 7 and Brooks Ghost 8 have good amounts of separation and segmentation between the rubber lugs. Hence, they can provide sufficient dissipation and shock absorption for comfortable running. The difference is that Brooks Ghost 8 comes with smaller squarish lug elements, especially in the forefoot.

The different outersole pattern does not mean that Brooks Ghost 8 is more flexible. On the contrary, it is even stiffer. The stiffness will allow for enhanced stability, although some runners may prefer more flexible shoes for easy maneuvers. The smaller lugs do create more biting edges, so it may provide better grip and traction on the road.

Brooks Ghost 7 vs 8

- BioMoGo DNA midsole: Adapts to every unique step
- No-sew overlays: Provide a closer fit
- Heel and Midfoot Segmented Crash Pad and Omega Flex Grooves in the midsole
- Mesh^Synthetic
- Imported, Rubber sole
- The unearthly plush and dynamic ride of the Brooks

Between Brooks Ghost 7 vs 8, we recommend you to choose Brooks Ghost 8. This model offers a better value for the money due to the better upper design and improved sole. The upper is more breathable, so it will be cooler and drier. Meanwhile, the new sole design brings smoother transition and higher stability.

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