Brooks Cascadia 9 vs 10

If you love to get an extreme sport in the wild place, then you probably need to equip yourself with the right equipment in the wild. You must consider the off-road shoe which is one of the most important factors when getting out there. Even if you are not running out there, but you still need to get the best possible equipment as it is very dangerous in places like mountain or hill. You don’t want to get there with a broken shoe. Will you? Of course, you want to avoid this kind of thing. But first, you need to choose your shoe first.

Here are two shoes which have the same types but with different series. And you must note that people always think that the bigger the series, the better the item. This thought is true but not 100% accurate as there can be some kind of mistake in the next series whereas the previous one can be considered better by many people. Brooks Cascadia 9 and 10 are both off-road running shoe. Brooks Cascadia 9 is introduced back then in 2005. Its minimalism and good quality make it quite considerable even in the big market. The same like its predecessor, Cascadia 10 is also a well-cushioned and neutral trail running shoe. It has the similar features like Cascadia 9 but with some changes which affect the shoe performance. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Overview and Performance
Cascadia 9 is designed with the help of ultrarunner Scott Jurek. This help from Scott more or less helping the Cascadia in its trial and test that makes Cascadia become such a minimalism product but with a stability and cushioning which are important in the off-road places. The upper is generous while it also has the heel-to-toe transition. Heavy terrain won’t be a problem for this shoe as it is well-suited for the heavy runner which sought a challenge in the wild or longer races.

Cascadia 9 is pretty much a traditional shoe, its appearance is nothing special, but its durability is a very special one. You can count on its ability to climb high place and its durability to be used nonstop. On the opposite, Cascadia 10 is pretty similar to Cascadia 9, but the company decided to adjust two new features in it which will enhance its overall performance. The first one is the addition of a new seamless mesh upper feature which enables free-floating midfoot webbing. The second one is the TPU-reinforced saddle that gives us more locked-down fit than the previous series. There are also other changes right and left, but most of it can be considered as a major changes.

- Rubber sole
- No-sew upper construction reduces traditional seams for an irritation free fit and feel
- Moisture-managing element mesh and mesh linings increase breathability
- Synthetic
- Microfiber and synthetic overlay materials for durability on trails
- Hydrophobic foam package resists water and moisture

The changes that Cascadia get makes Cascadia 9 evolves even further with Cascadia 10. Cascadia 10 is definitely better as the neutral and stable trail running shoe. It has a reinforced features which make you able to go through hard terrain in every situation without hurting your feet.

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