Brooks Adrenaline vs Ravenna

Brooks is one of the most popular running shoes manufacturers in the market and they are also carrying various comfortable shoes for your exercises such as Brooks Adrenaline Vs Ravenna. These running shoes are not only comfy to run on but also reliable to give your feet support when striking the pavement. However, they are not exactly the same and these shoes are made for different runners as well so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer for your activity.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Running Shoes are Different
  • What are Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna
  • How are the Design of Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna
  • How are the Upper of Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna
  • How are the Sole of Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna
  • How are the Experience with Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna
  • Brooks Adrenaline Vs Ravenna

Running Shoes

Running is a very healthy activity and it is accessible for many of us because as long as there is a space, we can run almost anywhere. What we love the most from this activity is that we can do this exercise with less of anything; less equipment, less time, and less technique. If we have a healthy body, almost everyone can run and even with only minimal footwear, we should be able to run safely. Yet, if you are able to, it is great to wear running shoes.

Running shoes are very popular and chances are everyone has seen one before or worn one. They are different from typical shoes because the design is made with running in mind and while they look the same to many other shoes, the distinct feature is that the sole can be tailored differently depending on what the shoes are made for. The outer sole is also tweaked to match with the type of terrain you are going to run on; road, treadmill, track, or on harsher terrains.

Running shoes can also be made to provide the proper support for your feet while it strikes the ground. We all know that the feet can roll inward or outward and while this is normal, sometimes they are also more extreme and this may be dangerous for our activity or makes you prone to getting an injury. Running shoes can have support to prevent the feet from rolling too deep inside or outside of our footprint, using various materials to enhance the shoes.

Brooks Adrenaline Brooks Ravenna
Product Dimensions0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches12.4 x 7.28 x 4.57 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds1.41 pounds
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But, just like most shoes they are also designed to be as comfortable as possible and when it comes to comfort, it can be very personal because we also have our own preferences. Some people may like firm and rather springy shoes that give a bouncy texture or taller shoes that gives them a pillow-like cushion such as New Balance 1080 Vs Hoka Bondi while some people may prefer to wear a thinner sole that gives you the feeling of the ground.

Upper can be tailored to match your preference as well and the most popular material is probably mesh. They are perforated to allow more air to get into the shoes and cool it down when you are running in summer. Some shoes are more sealing or warm, making them better if you are going to run in winter or colder seasons as well. Overall the comfort side will be highly dependent on your own personal preference or the running habit itself.

About Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna

If you are here then we are sure that you are also looking to buy a new running shoes and just like with any footwear out there, we have so many of them in the market and this can make the shopping process even more confusing, moreover if you are not sure yet about what type of running shoes to buy. Yet, worry not because most brands are carrying some basic models that can fit on many people’s feet as well as stay comfy during the running.

Brooks is one of the best options and we are sure most people are familiar with this brand as well because they are quite famous. Similar to most companies they carry lots of shoes to consider as well and not all of them will be just the same even being made by the same companies and from the same line. In most cases they will have some differences whether about the styling or the actual experience on these shoes as well and this is why we have to shop carefully.

For those who prefer to run at faster pace or more into the performance side while not exactly racing as well, the Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna are going to be very promising. Both of them are on the responsive side so you will love them if cushiony shoes are not what you like to run on to. However, they are not exactly the same and depending on which seems to fit you the most, we do think they are going to match well for anyone who is looking to buy comfy shoes.

In our opinion, the Adrenaline or the GTS 20 is the better choice because we do think it is more comfortable and has a better response against each strike. We also love the styling but it is very subjective and on the other hand the Ravenna, or Ravenna 11 that we have today is also responsive and durable yet the impact we get for every strike is not as prominent compared to Adrenaline.

Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna Design

Before checking what Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna can offer, let’s see the shoes first and the reason why we love how Adrenaline looks is because the shoes are streamlined. The shoes construction is robust and the material seems thicker compared to Ravenna so when there is nothing inside, the shoes will retain their shape. On the other hand the Ravenna is thinner including the shoelace which is thinner and flatter than the Adrenaline. The outsole looks similar however so when it comes to traction they will probably be similar.

Another prominent difference between these shoes is in the weight because Adrenaline is heavier at around 300 grams while the Ravenna is about 50 grams lighter at 255 grams. This may not very much affect the experience but for some people it can be very noticeable. The height of these shoes are almost the same too but the Adrenaline is about 1-2mm taller on the heel.

Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna Upper

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna can offer starting from the upper. Let’s see our personal favorite Adrenaline GTS 20 first and even from afar, we already like how this shoe looks. It has a new mesh with light build but firm enough to maintain the structure. It has 3D print that offers intricate design without the bulk. While the shoes are seemingly thin, its tongue is plush to offer comfort while the internal heel counter has padding for the upper part.

The Ravenna or Ravenna 11 is thinner in comparison and it is lighter as well because the shoes are made of single-layer mesh. It has a great breathability while the tongue itself is attached to the upper at the third lace eyelet to limit the slippage. Compared to Adrenaline it is quite roomy however but the lack of structure can be too conforming to the toes. Overall we feel these uppers to be comfy unless you have very wide feet then they may be restrictive too.

Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna Sole

Next we want to talk about the sole as well which also set the Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna apart from each other. What’s similar is that these shoes come with a GuideRails support system that you can see from the side of the shoes. This is the small panels above the sole which is meant to guide the foot motion. If you ever wear the similar shoes from this brand such as Transcend, they are the same but have different feelings on the ride.

The prominent difference is midsole in Adrenaline GTS 20 which is using full length BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft that offer the support in a more responsive manner than Ravenna, specially below the heel. The foam tech sounds the same but the feeling of these shoes are not the same despite having similar heel drop or between 12 and 10mm respectively.

Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna Experience

Lastly on the experience with Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna, they are great on the comfort side but give different impressions on the running experience. The upper feel more conforming on the Ravenna but plush on the Adrenaline. The sole foam is more responsive in the Adrenaline since it gives more feedback into your strike while the Ravenna is firmer and probably better at control and traction. They are road shoes so traction is in general adequate yet the latter lets you have better grip on the ground.

Brooks Adrenaline vs Ravenna

Both Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna are good options for any road runners out there. The prominent difference is on the top and sole of the shoes. The upper is thinner and more breathable in Ravenna but the sole is more bouncy or gives better feedback on the Adrenaline. We are not really into the Ravenna because it is a bit firmer on its sole but for the road traction the Ravenna is slightly better.

- Support and Cushioning: Provides just the right amount of stability and support, it is ideal for preventing overpronation while providing great energizing cushioning. They are ideal for running on streets, cross country, training, going to the gym or wherever you want to take them. Predecessor: Adrenaline GTS 19.
- Balanced and soft cushioning: The DNA LOFT impact pad cushions every step and works with BioMoGo DNA to adapt to your every step.
- Modern fit: A new streamlined mesh upper designed with 3D Fit printing offers the proven structure and fit Adrenaline is known for without excessive bulk.
- Holistic GuideRails Support System: We shifted our focus to go beyond the feet to include the part of a runner's body that is most prone to injury: the knees. GuideRails keeps you comfortable by controlling excess movement.
- Support and Cushioning: Provides just the right amount of stability and support, it is ideal for overpronation while providing lightweight, flexible and responsive cushioning. They are ideal for road running, crossfit, going to the gym or wherever you want to take them. Its predecessor: Ravenna 10.
- Quick cushioning: The cushioning and rebound rubber of the BioMoGo DNA midsole offer comfort without adding extra weight, it is perfect for days when you work on your speed.
- Holistic Support: We focus beyond the feet, on the most injury-prone part of a runner's body: the knees. GuideRails support keeps you comfortably dynamic by keeping excess movement under control.
- Quick transitions: The midfoot transition zone is designed to move quickly from heel to toe.


You can go amazing with any of them based on which seems to fit you the most but we recommend getting the Brooks Adrenaline because this shoe is better at giving the feedback and helpful to improve pace or tailored more for higher speed running.

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