Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 vs GTS 16

There are a lot of shoes out there, but most of the sellers are probably using the manipulative ways to sell it. Why do they need to do that? Of course, because not all the shoes are good in quality. It is better for you to buy a guaranteed product which has been known by many people. One of the famous brands which sell sports shoes is the Brooks. Brooks has been known for its consistency in its sports shoes which are usually made using the code of its generation like in the GTS 15 and 16. If GTS 15 has been an excellent product, then GTS 16 is near perfect. The company is changing it again and again until the shoe become as best as possible. There is some difference between GTS 15 and 16 like its sizing issue and the wider platform. The upper fit is more narrow in the midfoot and larger on the heel. Somehow GTS 16 is added for the purpose of giving the customers the other choice, but is it really for that purpose? We don’t know, but the difference between these two are so little, and the changes seem lacking some impact in the new shoe. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Like any other running shoes, the features of GTS 15 are many but most of them are about which technologies are applied in it. The first one is about the extended caterpiller crash pad; this crash pad allows you to get a full ground contact without making your foot hurt too much. It also has the nice heel-to-toe transition and some element linings which are intended for better circulation for your foot. On the GTS 16’ side, there are nothing particular. It stays like the GTS tradition with better supporting factor and wider platform. However, the size of this shoe is somehow hard to understand. Its design is so complicated which make our foot hardly able to use it.

The biggest advantage of Adrenaline GTS is its durability and fluid movement. The running aspect of this shoe is pretty good as it can bring a forefoot movement and stable running motion. You can use this shoe for many terrains and without you notice it, GTS 15 can take all that terrain problem and provide such a stable and comfortable running activity. GTS 16 itself is pretty similar like GTS 15, but it has some problem with its sizes, but if you found the right size for your foot, then you can feel the sensation of an extremely stable sole unit and cushion which is soft but not bouncy.

- Synthetic
- Medium-arched insole for intermediate support
- Fits most footwear, even styles without much extra room
- Mesh
- Rubber sole
- Made in USA or Imported

Brooks company has produced such good items. One of them is the Adrenaline GTS. First, there is GTS 15 then GTS 16 after getting some reworked. GTS 16 and GTS 15 are not too far in term of performance; there are only some minor changes which hardly touch its performance which is why you can choose between these two according to your liking.

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