Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 vs Brooks Ghost 8

Many different kinds of shoes or sneakers are available in the market. From all of them, there is some interesting brand that you will notice in the first sight, yes it is the Brooks brand. This brand has been one of the solid measurement in the shoe market from time to time. It has a big business which covers many of the middle class to higher class shoe users. Here are two products which are made by the Brooks company. The first one is Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15. Like its name, the shoe is made for the runner, and it brings your adrenaline to the utmost. The solid and comfortable fit deliver such stability for the runners who make the users can run to their heart content. The second one is Brooks Ghost 8; this shoe is an everyday running shoe which is designed for the neutral runner. There are many loyal wearers of this shoe which make it one of the most attractive Brooks products in the market. So with so many to learn about these two shoes, let’s see the complete explanation of both shoes below.

There are many features that Brooks Adrenaline has. So let’s start with its sole, the sole is pretty standard as it is a rubber sole. Then you can find the adjustable saddle design for the targeted support, and you can also see the extended caterpiller crash pad, this caterpiller crash pad allows the shoe to has a full ground contact with some good heel-to-toe transition. This makes the shoe very comfortable when used in running motion. There is also the element linings on its surface which are designed for the breathable condition of the shoe. This lining helps a lot in stabilizing the coolness and keep the shoe dry. On the opposite, Brooks Ghost 8 is made with many new approaches which make it has four different characteristics which are the cushioning softness, support levels, flexibility, and the quality of transition. Ghost 8 is firmer in the middle because of its density of the midsole foam and the midsole design itself. There is also the underfoot platform which will contain all the impact shock during the landing phase.

Many of the Brooks Adrenaline users said that the shoe is very durable and also comfortable. The durability is coming from the HPR Plus feature which makes it a long-lasting shoe. GTS 15 also bring a forefoot movement and good fluidity in your movement, these motions will optimizing you ability when running even in the tough terrain. You will also notice that GTS 15 is very stable and the shoe is very safe; you can run around for a long time without getting too much sore. So GTS 15 is one of the best shoes when used for the fast runs and long runs. On the other hand, Brooks Ghost 8 is also very comfortable when used. Many reviewers wrote that the mid-sole-foam is what makes this shoe special as it brings the right amount of cushioning without being too heavy for our feet. The outsole rubber is also pretty decent as it gives a reliable traction on the pavement. Many of the Ghost 8’ testers praising Ghost 8’s ability to keep our feet comfortable when running. The structure of the shoe itself is very sturdy and won’t wear off that easily. The downside is that the shoe laces are little too short and for the runner who prefers to run in the low-light condition like in the night, this shoe doesn’t have enough reflective coating on the upper which makes this shoe totaly invisible at night.

- Rubber sole
- Heel measures approximately 1 inches"
- Made in USA or Imported
- Hecho en USA
- Synthetic sole
- The unearthly plush and dynamic ride of the Brooks

So in overall Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 and Brooks Ghost 8 are actually fit to their name. GTS 15 is exceptionally well when used in the long run which will raise our adrenaline, whereas Ghost 8 is nearly invisible when utilized in the night. In term of performance itself, both offer quite a powerful performance, but the GTS 15 is best used when you do hard terrain run, and Ghost 8 is better when you want to do a small and casual walk in the day.

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