Brooks Addiction 12 vs 11

Brooks Addiction 11 and Brooks Addiction 12 are some of the best choices on the market that you can get with money for runners who overpronate severely, requiring a lot of support, stability, and pronation control in order to be able to run safely and comfortably. Of course, Brooks Addiction 12 is the new, updated model of Brooks Addiction 11. Compared to the old model, this new model hasn’t received too much of change, but there are still important details that we better know. So, what’s the difference between Brooks Addiction 11 and Brooks Addiction 12, and which is the motion control running shoe that you better choose?

Even though the other manufacturers have greatly moved from stitched to no-sew uppers and overlays, Brooks Addiction 12 remains still. It consistently maintains the stitched-on overlays of Brooks Addiction 11, though with some slight adjustments in the design. And that is exactly what is needed by overpronators. The stitched-on overlays ensure the shoe will give you a lot of support and durability, effectively helping you not to overpronate too much.

Brooks Addiction 11 has an overlay designs that is similar to the shape of a fan, with all the overlays pulling the saddle towards the midsole area and fanning out to create support around the midfoot area. On the other hand, Brooks Addiction 12’s overlays tend to pull the saddle backward. Brooks Addiction 12 has a somewhat broader overlay on the medial side to create a more secure lockdown on that particular area. Plus, there is an extra small overlay on the lateral side of the heel for additional structure and support.

The cushioning of Brooks Addiction 12 is still very similar to Brooks Addiction 11. Both models feature the BioMoGo midsoles and the anatomical Brooks DNA cushioning. The cushioning is rather firm for better support and stability. A big, long medial post on each shoe functions to control overpronation and prevents the foot from rolling too inward, and each also has a crash pad under the heel for smooth landings and full ground contact.

The outer soles of these two shoes are also identical. Both models still use rubber outer soles, with similar treading patterns. These shoes offer lots of support and traction for solid and confident running.

- Internal support saddle
- Textile Element lining wicks moisture away from the skin to keep feet feeling cooler and drier
- Mesh
- You'll be hooked with a single stride in the Brooks® Addiction™ 11. Good thing this is one habit you won't have to worry about kicking!

There isn’t much difference between these two models. The only significant change is the redesigned upper. Still, we recommend you to choose Brooks Addiction 12, as the new model offers better support.

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