Asics Gel-Exalt 2 Review: Comfortable Short Term-Running Shoe

There have been many innovations in our daily products. Most of them are invented with many different technologies. They always make us wonder if what we buy is worth the price or not. In this case, we have the Asics delivering us a new invention of their shoe. The series is the Asics Gel-Exalt 2. Asics Gel-Exalt 2 is considered as one the best road running, especially in the short distance races shoe. You can use it on many different tracks and roads, or you can use it as your daily wear shoe. The shoe offers a great versatility and function, but its best performance will appear in the running activity. Many aspects of this shoe are made from scratch that you barely will notice it. Those issues are put on the list of its comfort, durability, cushioning, and running ability. Even though it has a good material and its brand has been trusted by many customers, you need to see how it deliver in many aspects and there is nothing like a perfect thing in this world. So let’s see how much this shoe can deliver us. Keep reading!

Features & Technologies
The outsole of the shoe is made of the rubber. The rubber is considered as a thick and standard material which helps a lot in order to maintain the shoe platform from any harm. The rubber combination is very durable and well made which deliver the traction that we need. After that, the flex grooves of the shoe will allow your foot to move more naturally, and this grooves also increases the overall shoe flexibility.

Asics Gel-Exalt also offers a distinctive midsole whereas the midsole has the combination which will support the underfoot stability and also protect your foot from all kind of impacts. The platform is fundamental, and it is very good enough to allow your foot to do the natural motion and not giving you an uncomfortable feeling. The value, support, comfort, and protection are also becoming an essential thought of this shoe. That’s also why the shoe is designed with the safe primary elements which will give the runners all these aspects along with its modern and sleek design. Lastly, the shoe reflective coating will help a lot when you run in the darkness as it has the reflecting ability.

The shoe is a very reliable shoe based on its material alone. The material is imported, and you can’t deny the fact that Asics’s product always uses the best quality materials out there. Even though the material is a good one, Asics Gel-Exalt 2 still offers us a very reasonable price for a running shoe. The shoe is very comfortable and good when used in the short-term run. It feels like you are having the most natural feeling in your foot when you run with it. However, the problems will come after you run for a while.

A long-term running is the cause of this problem as Asics Gel-Exalt 2 seems hardly offer the stability and comfortable feeling when used for a long and exhausting run. The shoe feels hot after a while, and the technologies seem to dissapear from the shoe. Other than this problematic thing, we don’t find any other problems. The durability is very high, and it is also a very versatile product. The toe box is very broad which makes many customers with big toes will happy enough. The get cushioning on the rearfoot gives us the smooth transition and the traction is a nice one. The support system itself is named as Duomax, Duomax gives all that we need in this shoe in both support and stability. So you might think this shoe as a perfect choice in short term run.

- Lace-up running shoe featuring breathable mesh upper with supportive overlays - Plush tongue and collar - Breathable fabric lining - Molded foam insole

So in overall, Asics Gel-Exalt 2 is a very fantastic product for the customers and not for the runners. Why did we say that? It is mainly because Asics seems to make this shoe based on their customer’s demands which make the shoe lost its identity which is the running shoe. So if you want to do a long run, this shoe is not a correct choice.

– Rubber Outsole
– Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System
– Molded Foam Insole
– Imported Material
– Lace-up running shoe which features the breathable mesh upper with the supportive overlays
– Duomax Support System gives a good stability to the shoe
– Very comfortable in short-term runs
– Broad toe box
– Reasonable price
– Good traction
– Lacking in color choices
– Not a great choice when used in long-term runs
– Not the best choice for a real runner

Price of Asics Gel-Exalt 2
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