Asics Cumulus 16 vs Kayano 20

There are lots of shoes for running out there, but to determine which one is the best you need to search it bit by bit and analyze it from many points of view. Your liking is the most important factor here as there won’t be too many types of shoes if people love the same kind of shoe. So here are two running shoes which are pretty decent and spot on. The first one is the Asics Cumulus 16; this shoe is definitely the popular one right now. It has shown such great features start from its fluid ride technology which enhances the softness of the shoe until the forefoot and rearfoot gel system which help you to contain all the shock that happens. The second one is Kayano 20; it is pretty much similar to the Asics Cumulus 16, Kayano 20 is also a running shoe which is intended for the comfortable running session. This shoe is easily one of the best for summer running and marathon. The special point from Kayano 20 is about its stability. It is such a comfortable running shoe which enable you to run with stable posture without needing too much effort on both of your leg. So if you are interested in these products, let’s see the comparison below!

Asics 16 has so many features which make it such a comfortable and cushion shoe. The first one is the fluid ride technology, then we also get the forefoot and rearfoot gel system, and we also get the timeless running feature. The timeless runner is featuring the reflective overlays and breathable, customized fit which prevent such a tight and uncomfortable feeling. On the other hand, Kayano 20 is also using a couple of features but not as many as Asics 16. It is made with the newly designed upper and new midsole component which is similar to Asics 16. The difference is that Asics 16 midsole is generated from its predecessor, Asics 15. There is also the rearfoot and forefoot gel for better feeling and cushion. After that, you can find the rubber outsole which is high abrasion rubber outsole and the fluidity upper shoe which is made with combining multi-directional stretch machine.

Asics 16’s performance is very simplistic and well on point. You will feel very comfortable when using this shoe. The softness is pretty much what makes it special; it also uses the light and thin upper material which is good for the air circulation. You won’t find too much discomfort point like in any other shoe. On the other hand, Kayano 20’s performance is using the different approach. It gives you more a steadfast, enduring, and comfortable sports shoe. Kayano 20 is pretty good for the sports which need the agility and thrill as the shoe is made perfectly for this. The extra cushioning and support are also pretty good as you will love to use it on many occasions when doing sports activity.

- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch
- Timeless runner featuring reflective overlays and breathable, customized fit
- FluidRide midsole
- Comfort Fit upper
- All-over reflectivity and glow-in-the-dark GEL cushioning

Both products seem very similar in the first place, but the reality is that Asics 16 is more about the cushion and comfortable shoe which is good for running but not a harsh sport, while Kayano 20 can be used for both running and a tough sport which needs agility. But if you ask about which one is more comfortable, then the winner is Asics 16.

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