Adidas Ultra Boost vs Reebok Floatride

Running is a great exercise to do for almost all ages and it is simple as well that we can do with almost no equipment but a good running shoe will be a great help. They are designed for the application and to protect as well as improving your comfort. For those currently needing a pair, Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Reebok Floatride are two good options to consider. They are loved by many for the comfort but do check our comparison below before you invest in one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing Running as Exercise
  • What are Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride
  • What Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride Look Like
  • How are the Upper of Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride
  • How are the Sole of Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Reebok Floatride

Benefit of Running

All of us want to get fit, losing weight probably is in your New Year’s resolution this time and getting to move is a goal for many of us. While exercising is a painful experience at first, it is a great way to maintain health and body fitness itself. When deciding to be more active, it is best to choose an exercise that you like the most or convenient within your lifestyle as it has the highest possibilities to let you do it and help us be more consistent. Read also: Brooks Womens Asteria vs Hyperion.

Among those exercises we can try, running stands out so much and is probably the most popular routine to help the body stay fit. It is not a surprise however because many experts think that our body is shaped suggests that it makes us able to run for mile after mile based on the shape of hips and feet as well as length of the legs, the shock absorbing discs, and the ability to sweat in order to maintain regular body temperature. All of them contribute to the fact how good humans can run.

You may also want to think running is the closest effort to miracle drugs because of its benefit but moreover because it is an easily accessible form of cardio, making it a straightforward method to get the benefit of exercise. Almost all people know that running improves aerobic fitness which makes it a great way to improve cardiovascular health; note that it won’t eliminate the risk one hundred percent since lifestyle and genetics play a role as well in determining the risk. However, it still helps to a certain level.

Just like any exercise methods, running burns calories and building strength thus, is a great start for anyone who is trying to maintain their body weight or currently need to lose some body fat. Another interesting benefit of running is psychological because it makes you happy and this is prominent among dedicated-runners or enthusiasts because most of them do not run because of the other benefits such as to live longer but because running makes them feel better.

 Adidas Ultra BoostReebok Floatride
Product Dimensions12.2 x 8.4 x 4.8 inches12.7 x 8.1 x 4.9 inches
Shipping Weight11.6 Ounces1.28 Pounds
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Running, similar to other aerobic exercises, is going to tire you out, we are stressing the body in the process of training it and this is why the brain will release endorphin which is the mood booster as it is the natural mechanism to fight pain and stress. Some people may call it runner’s high for the similar experience of rush and for some it perhaps works like tranquilizer when they need to be distracted from something that is currently bothering their mind.

About Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride

While running is one of the most convenient exercises, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to buy anything because if you are able to, a running shoe will be very ideal for your application. Running shoes are going to support your feet and protect them as well as improving your performance too, for those who are running for a goal. There are plenty to choose from when it comes to running shoes but not all of them will be the same and what’s best is what fits you the most.

There are named brands in the market to accompany your new journey but typically famous brands carry lots to offer already so you don’t have to dig in deeper when looking for a new pair of shoes. Among those, Adidas and Reebok are two good options to consider if you want a good running shoe that also look good. Many running shoes are often bought for the style as well and if you have the same taste, a running shoe can be versatile too.

For runners who want their running shoes to be very comfortable, the popular Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride are what you may want to check out. These are famous models and we are sure many have heard or seen them worn by friends, family, colleagues or just people passing by. These running shoes are standing out for comfort and just like most shoes, they are not the first model anymore so being in the market for so long proved how good they answer customer’s demands.

For the Ultra Boost, this shoe is more popular as a regular sneakers than running shoe despite being labelled as a running shoe. It is very comfortable however and this is why it is loved by many while looking good at the same time. The one we are comparing today is the Ultra Boost 20 which was released not long ago but today you can get the 21 as well as other older models with some slight differences.

On the other hand the Floatride from Reebok is similar to its name “float” as this shoes is very light and probably among the lightest running shoes in the market. It is ideal for runners who are looking to have a performance shoe or wearing it for a race but not limiting the function to enthusiasts only.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride Design

Now let’s see how good Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride look like because we personally like the styling. Overall the two look very good but in comparison the Floatride speaks “running shoe” loudly which makes the Ultra Boost more attractive. The Ultra Boost 20 is similar to your recent sneaker or even the older 4.0 but with some differences, mainly on the fashion or shade options as well as the cage design which is simpler these days.

For the weight, the Floatride is very light however; hence it is ideal for a performance runner. It looks like a typical running shoe with a rather thin fabric, in comparison to Ultra Boost. The model we are talking about here is the Run Fast version as this shoe is available in various different models such as Run Fast Pro and Energy. The Run Fast is also available in the newest model or the third version but all of them are very similar to each other.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride Upper

Moving to one of the most important parts, let’s see the upper of Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride. As you can see, the prominent difference here is the thickness of the fabric itself because while they look like mesh on the picture, the Floatride is what truly mimics a mesh fabric with perforated surface both at the top of your toes and the back or heels. On the other hand, Ultra Boost is a bit thicker but still very flexible.

It has a guard-like lining or design around your forefeet area and this is great for those whose feet often move to the side while they run; just to add an extra barrier, making them stay there. Another prominent comparison on the top is the Floatride shoe in this Run Fast variant is wider from mid to front hence some people with narrower feet may want to tighten the lace more. It also has a thinner tongue so sometimes we can feel the lace.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride Sole 

Now for the shoe itself, both Adidas Ultra Boost and Reebok Floatride are very comfortable performance shoes but if you have worn the Ultra Boost 19, the 20 may be more restrictive. What’s not changing is the foam below because for Adidas, the Boost technology is one of the few factors that made the shoe line extremely popular. It still comes with the Boost midsole that is just responsive and comfy as well as energy returning.

On the other hand, similar to most performance shoes, the Floatride or Floatride Run Fast to be specific is still using the common EVA foam. What’s interesting from the sole part of this shoe is the springiness which makes the sole flexible and rather bouncy. Some people may not like it but personally we think it’s awesome for comfort. The last is their bottom and the two still impressive, there is much traction and the rigid pattern itself looks like they are going to last.

Adidas Ultra Boost vs Reebok Floatride

Both of these running shoes are great options if you want to try the exercise or adding a pair into the collection. In comparison from the look first Ultra Boost is more casual, versatile sneakers that can be your daily option as well as running shoe while the Floatride is a dedicated running shoe. Second, from the comfort Floatride is also more comfortable, for the light weight and mesh, thin top which feels really snug but Ultra Boost did a better job in keeping the toes in its place.

- Textile and Synthetic
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Textile and Synthetic
- Foam sole
- Materials: mesh engineered to create breathability
- Best for: Long distance runs, including marathons, half marathons, 10Ks
- Stabilizing EVA foam rim centers and balances your foot throughout gait cycle


All in all you should choose the one that fits you the most but in comparison we will go with Ultra Boost for its versatility and because we have a narrower feet width but if you are a performance runner then we will recommend the Floatride.

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