Adidas Ultra Boost vs Pulseboost

Running shoes are not only attractive but also comfortable as your lifestyle sneakers. There are plenty of good options based on your preference such as Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Pulseboost that not only look good but also feel good on your feet. These popular sneakers are also ideal for active people who want to start to begin a new healthy life but, before you end up with one of them, do check what these shoes can offer and see which will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Running Shoes to Choose
  • What are Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost
  • What Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Look Like
  • How are the Upper of Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost
  • How are the Sole of Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost
  • Are Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Comfortable
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Pulseboost

Running Shoes

Running is a very healthy habit and is a great way to improve your fitness. However, before you hit the treadmill, road, or trail, it is best to wear running shoes because the gear is designed for the application. They are not only for fashion and protecting the feet but modern running shoes are tailored to improve your performance as well hence we can choose and shop based on various different aspects of the activity and most importantly, how we want them to be.

One of the most important factors is considering the place where you will run. Road-running shoes are designed for pavement and occasional forays onto packed surfaces with some irregularities. The shoes for this purpose are light and flexible, made with cushion or to stabilize the feet when you are doing repetitive strides on a hard surface. It is best for runners who are exercising on sidewalks, road, or treadmills and track. In general, the road-running shoes will have a flatter and smoother soles to create a consistent surface.

On the other hand, the shoes made for running on trails are made with off-road routes with mud, roots, rocks, and typical obstacles in mind. Typically, this type of shoes are made with bigger lugs on the outsole compared to road-running shoes in order to protect the feet from rocks or any sharp objects. They are also stiffer in general through the midsole for aiding the feet on rugged trails or uneven surfaces. As for cross-training shoes, they are more ideal for gym workouts and training that require the feet to have more contact with the ground.

Another important factor is how you want the shoes to feel like. It is generally believed that people love the soft or cushiony foam inside the shoes but it is actually not for everyone. The firmness of your shoes and its thickness is what affects the feel. Typically they are made of EVA and polyurethane but can be made from other materials as well such as Boost by Adidas. These layers are going to absorb the impacts as we strike the ground.

Adidas Ultra Boost Adidas Pulseboost
Product Dimensions12.2 x 8.4 x 4.8 inches11.18 x 7.4 x 4.33 inches
Shipping Weight11.6 Ounces1.45 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Based on your own preference, there are running shoes with thicker cushioning to give the plush feeling while some may like it thin and allow them to get closer to the ground; the comfort may vary depending on how you like it better. If you are not sure yet, we highly recommend trying each one from the variety and see which of them feel the most comfortable for running or just as daily shoes.

About Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost

Now when you already have an image of what type of shoe will match your preference or application, it is time to see what the market has to offer. As you can expect, there are so many of them out there and it can be confusing so if you already have a favorite brand or a brand that you like then it is probably better to stick with their collection. If not, you may want to see what other runners or users are choosing for chances you may like them as well.

Popular options satisfy more users and it probably fits in your running style or preference so it can be convenient to see what the market is currently buying. Among those numerous options, Adidas is one of the most popular shoe brands, not only for the active people but for lifestyle and in general. Many of their models are collected due to the look and level of comfort but initially meant for exercising shoes. Choosing this type of shoes can be versatile too for we can wear them as everyday fashion.

This brand also offers lots to choose from based on what you want to achieve but for users who plan to use the shoes for running, the Boost line such as Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are popular options in the catalog and it is for good reason as the two are very comfortable. If you like running shoes or everyday shoes with cushioned feeling then you may like these models as well.

In comparison the Ultra Boost will be more popular and probably what most people often heard but this is because the shoes is also loved by non-runner as a lifestyle option due to the level of comfort. On the other hand the Pulseboost is pure running shoes, similar to Reebok Floatride that we have talked about in previous Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Reebok Floatride. Since preference matters the most for running shoes, you may like one of them better than the other.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Design

Before we move to the shoes itself, let’s first see the styling of Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost. As you can see from the sample picture above, they are quite different already and the most prominent is on the cage because the Ultra Boost has a reinforcement by using a dedicated rib; a standard non-transparent one while the Pulseboost join the rib with the upper, so you will be tightening the fabric above directly and this may affect how the fitting feel.

The material and pattern for the upper seems to be different as well but the footprint or silhouette of these shoes remain similar to each other. If the Ultra Boost looks stylish no matter if you are on track or gym and almost anywhere paired with casual style, the Pulseboost scream running shoe since the first glance. In comparison the latter also seems to be more rigid or robust and the HD model in our comparison today is definitely firmer than Ultra Boost.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Upper

Now let’s talk about the upper of the shoes. As you can expect, the Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost upper are very similar to each other, in fact it just seems like a new version of Primeknit on the older Ultra Boost shoes but Adidas call the PulseBoost HD as Adapt Knit. On the details they do look different if you look into the pattern but the feeling of this material is the same and still wrap around the foot, which we have no complaint about.

The Ultra Boost we are talking about today is the model 20 and this one has reinforcement around the edge of the tip; different from the older shoes. It is meant to keep the toes or feet from slipping to the side when you are running with them. In Pulseboost, there is similar technology but it also goes to the mid area of the shoe and if you look closely there is this thin white line below which we are not really sure what it does but probably for reinforcement as well.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Sole

Next is the sole area and it is pretty similar, if you are familiar with the “bubbly” BOOST logo on the Ultra Boost, it still has the same font type but with HD added. The fit of these shoes are similar as well and quite true to size but the latter will give you a snuggier feeling too. The prominent difference is now the midfoot to the heel is thicker and more structured in comparison to Ultra Boost to give more support.

The main difference is on the midsole because Pulseboost is using Boost HD technology in which the HD stands for High Density and yes this causes the shoes to be less cushiony and not as soft if you are used to Ultra Boost. The reason is probably they used more Boost pellets for these shoes but the feeling is definitely there and true to the label. Another difference is the new continental outsole where Adidas claims it is optimized for running in every surface for maximum traction.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost Comfort

The last thing we want to talk about is comfort but do note that this is very subjective and you may have different opinions as it is based on personal preference. In comfort comparison, the two are similarly comfortable and the Pulseboost is probably what you want to have if you think the Ultra Boost is too soft or if your feet move around too much when running with the older shoes. However, for prolonged wear, we do think the Ultra Boost is still preferable for the cushiony texture.

Adidas Ultra Boost vs Pulseboost

Adidas has so many good running and daily shoes for you to choose. Adidas Ultra Boost and Pulseboost are two of them but in comparison, the Pulseboost is more ideal for running only as it is designed for added stability which is necessary, especially if you are a performance runner. The Ultra Boost and its older versions are more comfortable for daily application or if you prefer to run in softer shoes. It also looks a bit better in our opinion, probably due to the separate rib cage.

- Textile and Synthetic
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Textile and Synthetic
- Synthetic sole
- Shaft measures approximately 6-12 inches from arch
- Platform measures approximately 0-3 inches
- Boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around


All in all, you should go with a type of shoe that you like the most but we do recommend Ultra Boost if you prefer a softer cushioning or want to wear the shoe on the daily while if you are performance runner and only use the shoe for running we will recommend to go with Pulseboost for its added stability. 

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