Adidas Ultra Boost vs NMD

Ultra Boost and NMD are two of the most popular Adidas sneakers on the market right now. Both of these two sneakers feature the Boost foam cushioning technology, which promotes enhanced comfort and support. Choosing between the two is not a straightforward task because they are both equally attractive. Some people prefer Ultra Boost, some others prefer NMD, and many love them both. Howsoever, there are notable differences between Adidas Ultra Boost vs NMD that make them more suitable for different purposes.

Upper Material
The two shoes already sport a difference in the material aspect. Adidas Ultra Boost is a more expensive model, so, unsurprisingly, it comes with the Primeknit upper. This material really provides a luxurious feel. It is very comfortable, yet sturdy and durable. It is soft, flexible, and highly breathable. The build quality is excellent, suitable for running and some sports. See the comparisons of Adidas Pure Boost vs Ultra Boost here!

On the other hand, Adidas NMD’s upper uses a combination of mesh and Primeknit materials. It is also quite comfortable, but the feel is just not as great. The overall build quality of this shoe indicates that it is geared more towards casual uses.

Fit and Comfort
Adidas Ultra Boost is incredibly comfortable, and the fit is exceptional. It fits on the foot snugly without creating pressure points. Note that the shoe tends to be tight-fitting. You may need to order at least a half size larger to make sure that you can actually wear it. The shoe requires some time to break in, so be patient. After some breaking in, it will fit very nicely.

On the other hand, Adidas NMD is ready out of the box. It does not take long to break in. The shoe tends to be roomy, and the recommendation is to order a half size smaller if you prefer to wear your shoes snugly.

Cushioning and Sole
Now, let’s take a look at the cushioning of Adidas Ultra Boost vs NMD. The cushioning of Adidas Ultra Boost is actually a little bit thicker. It goes fully from the rear to the forefoot. The ultra-cushioned Boost cushioning is awesome. It effectively reduces road impacts while still allowing you to get solid footing. It is very responsive, too.

On the area between the heel and the forefoot of Adidas Ultra Boost, there is a torsion system which promotes the stability of the shoe. Thanks to this torsion system, Adidas Ultra Boost effortlessly delivers the best performance for running. The ride is stable and consistent.

On the other hand, Adidas NMD also comes with the Boost foam cushioning, but it is slightly thinner. The sole does not have the torsion system. So, you the stability and cushioning are slightly lower here.

- Textile and Synthetic
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get
- Adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort
- Fabric or Textile
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Boost's energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy

If you have to choose between Ultra Boost and NMD, we recommend you to choose Adidas Ultra Boost. This shoe is constructed with better materials. It is quite more durable, and it is definitely much more comfortable. The torsion system offers enhanced stability, which is great for running. However, for casual daily wear, Adidas NMD makes a sufficient alternative. The NMD isn’t as durable and comfortable, but is pretty good for the money.

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