Adidas Ultra Boost vs Nike Vapormax 

Sneakers are now not only about basketball and other sport shoes. Nuw that some years have passed, we’re looking at more modern runners who are more suitable for all kinds of users. Though there are many brands to look into, we often refer to the athletic ones who often fight to get the top crown.

Among the best, we have Adidas and Nike, the two gigantic brands of shoes, already prepared for their best running shoes. Their shoes have been a hot topic for years. And now we meet again in a new battle between the Adidas Ultra Boost and Vapormax.

Ultra Boost has been known to be a great product by Adidas. Loved by many, it can really show its best value through its durability and performance. Vapormax was known to be a ground breaker. Bringing unique outsole design, this brilliant idea was appreciated for its high comfort.

Though you can’t ever go wrong with the two, in order to buy one for 400 dollars, you should be more careful. Thus, we’re here to help you out with direct comparisons about the shoes’ interesting parts, plus considering what’s best of you right at the end.


People often see the two as similar running shoes through their cushioning systems, and the overall feel of comfort that are present in both Ultra Boost and Nike’s Vapormax. But if you look closer, they’re actually quite different. Read also: Hoka Vs Brooks.

The older Adidas Ultra Boost debuted back in 2015, and people saw it as an innovation. It was and still known for its special comfort thanks to the Boost technology that’s placed in the midsole.

Meanwhile, Vapormax was released in 2017, March to be exact. As for celebrating the Max technology for its 30th year, Nike launched Vapormax. Though it still carried the same old Air technology, Nike did come with something different, unique rather. The shoes don’t have a midsole.

Knit Uppers

Surely, both shoes use their own knit materials from their brands. But we can expect the same features here : lightweight, fitting, and highly breathable. Though both seem really fit, Vapormax seems to win it with its seamless Flyknit upper that’s thinner and lighter, the feel exactly the same when you’re wearing just socks.

 Adidas Ultra BoostNike Vapormax 
Product Dimensions11.3 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches11.89 x 7.48 x 4.02 inches
Shipping Weight12.8 Ounces1.3 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Ultra Boost has its own Primeknit, as usual. Its characteristics are thicker, and uses more padding that you can feel in some parts like the ankle, tongue, and heel. Though it’s a bit heavier, it makes sure the “locked” feel when you’re running, minimizing the anxiety.

Because the weight difference is pretty slim (feel free to look into it), we can say both are great.

Different Styles Availability

Both of these shoes come with the same low top lace up designs, but they may have more than that. The older Ultra Boost got more variations than Vapormax. These variants include the Ultra Boost Uncaged, X, All-Terrain Mid, and the others.

Meanwhile, Vapor Max also has a nice collection, such as Flyknit SE, Flyknit Moc, or the better Vapormax Plus. You can also further enjoy the more customized soles in Vapormax, further bringing wider variations, which is nice.


If you’re a fan of Adidas for your whole life, there’s a big chance that you’ve experienced what the Air technology feels like. When you’re comparing it to Vapor Max, it suddenly becomes two different things.

If in the previous shoes the Air was integrated into the sole, now the Air is the sole. Since Vapormax doesn’t have a sole, you can expect something more surprising. Stiff at first, but it can give you the nice bouncy feeling once “broken”. It’s time to say goodbye to foot fatigue.

In Boost, you can expect a more solid midsole, created through the partnership with BASF company. The creation is the unique sole that’s able to store and release more energy, as walking on clouds. Though it feels really soft, you still need an extra stomp to be able to feel it.

This way, it can be concluded that Vapormax is more suitable for faster running, and Boost for long distance running.


As we say above, there’s something different with Vapormax’s sole. It’s nothing like traditional soles before it. That’s why it could be one of many selling points of these Vapormax shoes. You can feel your steps more elevated just like wearing track spikes. Since it’s more suitable for fast running, you really need some time to be familiar with the feeling. But once you do, it’s the best thing in the world.

Though the Air unit is used for sole now, don’t be afraid of popping out. It’s not entirely the case with Vapormax. It uses very thick plastic added with rubber grips on the bottom part.

The outsole of Ultra Boost also has differences with older soles technology. But though it’s different, it’s not as drastic. You can still expect the Continental rubber and Boost midsole combo to accompany you. The rubber itself is strong and durable for longer runs. It’s like using German car tires for walking, except it’s softer now.

Adidas Ultra Boost vs Nike Vapormax 

- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Heel measures approximately 0-3"
- Platform measures approximately 0-3 inches
- Boot opening measures approximately 0-3 inches around
- Brand New
- 100% Authentic
- Original Packaging
- Responsive cushioning helps keep transitions smooth and the energy flowing.

So, Which One Is Better?

We need to understand that both of these shoes, Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Vapormax, are generally the best ones in the market. They can offer great feeling, and performance, as we have expected coming from these two gigantic brands.

Both are really great sneakers and highly recommended to all. In terms of value, 10 dollars of difference is just nothing to be concerned about. Since they’re both the same in value and overall feeling, you can pick the one that suits you the best.

If you consider yourself a person that needs more stability and comfort even during long runs, Adidas Ultra Boost is always the best choice for now. Its outsole is very durable and dependable to use, even for months. Doing longer rungs with these shoes are just plain awesome. It’s strong, without sacrificing comfort, which we love the most.

But, if you prefer more lightweight shoes, springy feels, and unique-looking shoes, Vapormax is the way to go. Its unique design should be appreciated more, since it definitely works wonderfully.

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