Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Nike Pegasus

Running shoes offer a great improvement over your routine exercise but this protective gear is initially made to help you run better hence it is necessary to find the perfect pair for our own preference, such as the Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Nike Pegasus that are designed for speed and comfort, to help you run more naturally. These lightweight shoes are similar yet different and before putting them on your cart, let’s see below about what they can offer or which will seem to fit you the most.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Pair of Running Shoes
  • What are Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus
  • How are the Look of Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus
  • How are the Upper of Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus
  • How are the Sole of Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus
  • How are the Running With Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Nike Pegasus

Running Shoes

We all ever heard the benefit of running shoes but not all people will run with them on. As runners, people can choose to run barefoot as well and there is nothing wrong or right answer to this preference because our bodies are unique and it may prefer a distinct style of running that it can feel the most comfortable at. For most of us however, running shoes are like protective gear that is also a comfort when hitting the track, treadmill, or trail.

When talking about running shoes, there is only the best option for you so it is impossible to say one model or brand will fit everyone. There are no perfect shoes either but we certainly can find so many great shoes out there. Depending on your entirety of feet shapes, the biomechanics of the body and the amount of running we will do. Essentially footwear including running shoes are more about protecting the feet from the road and giving adequate traction based on where you run.

Choosing a pair of running shoes most often is not an instant process, we get to test and try them for a period of time before knowing how they perform in real life. It is similar to shampoo or body care, sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. The safest bet is always go with shoes designed for running because walking, running, and training shoes have different focuses that the design have to address in order to deliver an adequate performance, despite how they often look similar to each other.

Running shoes typically can handle shocks that are 2.5 times of our body weight created as an impact when it strikes the ground. There is still a debate whether maximalist shoes are better since they have more cushioning but, it is not always the case and in general, going for a neutral one or with just enough cushion will probably be best for most people. Cushiony shoes are generally comfy for low speed, long mileage or recovery while thinner shoes give more control.


In case you will be shopping from home, do make sure to properly measure the feet before deciding the sizing. In some cases our left or right foot is slightly different and it is wise to shop based on the largest or longest side. Not all shoes are made for the same application, especially the terrain type so do consider where you will be running whether it is exclusively on road and treadmill or also mixed with trails because chances are you will need different shoes for best experience.

About Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus

The option is all yours because we are free to choose any of the shoes out there and it is always wise to consider what you will need from the footwear rather than going with the trend. Personally we are often going with a neutral option if confused or just decent shoes from famous brands to make sure the overall product quality will be among the top. Remember that comfort is the most important and we may have different personal preferences.

Among those famous names in the running shoes section, we are sure most people are familiar with Adidas and Nike. These are the powerhouse when it comes to sportswear including the running shoes and depending on what type of running you will be doing, they most likely have the ideal options to consider. Many of their shoes are highly rated whether for comfort, performance or just good enough without much to think about. Price wise, as opposed to the high-performing options, most of them are actually very affordable.

If styling matters to you as well, then this is a good task for Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus to answer. The first impression of these shoes are stylish and this is probably why you often see them worn as trainers while the Ultra Boost itself in general is more of a lifestyle shoes than a track or running footwear. The Pegasus series we are comparing today is the newest variant or the 36 series but the 35 can be found easily on the market too.

Ultra Boost is not a new shoe either because the one we are talking about today is their 20 series and yes, this model has been running for so long too. In comparison, the two are good neutral running shoes with straightforward quality, unlike maximalist options they are not excessively soft but personally we still feel the shoes are more on the soft and cushiony side, great for a more laid back running.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus Design

You can tell the Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus apart even in a glance because they have different aesthetics and if you are getting the special edition Performance Ultra Boost 20, these shoes have a very eye-catching space-like painting on the sole which guaranteed will capture people’s attention as you walk by. The basic model is more modest however with a plain white, black, or red depending on the shade chosen. The Pegasus 36 also looks relatively good but probably more similar to a typical daily trainer.

They look great on the feet and very sporty too, overall we have no complaints about how they look, moreover with Pegasus being one of the richest in terms of shade collection. Besides the more basic light or dark grey like on the sample picture above, it has options in bright orange, darker orange, purple, and even light red which is kind of unique. Read also: Brooks Glycerin Vs Saucony Triumph here.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus Upper

Moving further, let’s see the most important part of Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus starting from the upper which is probably the most prominent difference between the two. Just like most shoes, the upper are made of perforated fabric but Adidas has this Primeknit material where there is some reinforcement put on strategic places such as along the edges of the upper to prevent the foot from moving too much inside. It also has a rubber-like panel to hold the shoelace.

This is not very firm but is affecting how the upper feel when tightened. The Primeknit itself has a good air circulation while the fit is one-piece, sock like feel. In comparison the Pegasus, especially the 36 series is more familiar, or similar to most running shoes out there when it comes to how the upper is perforated with padding inside. It is slightly plush but the type of fit is the same to Ultra Boost, besides the tongue which is a bit longer in the former.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus Sole

Next on the sole, the Pegasus 36 is special because the series has Zoom Air sole on the forefoot and heel. It is quite unique because the material is like a small airbag to provide both cushioning, dimension, and support but, without the weight. In comparison this shoe is approximately 252 grams in which the Ultra Boost is more than 300 grams already. In experience, rather than an air bag we believe it feels like a softer foam instead which you can notice when stomping the ground in a forefoot landing.

On the Adidas Ultra Boost 20, these shoes still have the same technology as the previous iteration so you can expect the same Continental Stretch Web rubber on the outsole. The midsole itself is featured with Torsion Spring hence the shoes feels a bit bouncy, especially if you are doing a forefoot landing.

Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus Experience

Lastly let’s talk about the overall experience with Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Pegasus. They are good running shoes, depending on what you expect but we argue the Pegasus is closer to typical running shoes in general. They are light, soft and cushiony while also comfy for people who run several times a week. On the other hand Ultra Boost is more of a lifestyle shoes, you can run with them, it’s comfy too but doesn’t offer anything extra and in comparison we do like the lighter Pegasus better when picking up the pace.

Adidas Ultra Boost Vs Nike Pegasus

The two actually have very similar feeling on the run so it is probably more about personal preference but the Pegasus is noticeably lighter, just slightly thinner which we do think will be great for typical daily application even when we pick up some pace on the track. The upper gives a sock like fit but Ultra Boost has a wider room inside to give a space for the feet to move slightly. The Primeknit also looks more robust than the common mesh in Pegasus.



You can go well with any of them based on which sounds best for your typical running. Personally we like light and tighter shoes which makes Pegasus the better choice but for you who prefer a more robust and slightly thicker sole, the Ultra Boost is both running and lifestyle shoes.

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