Adidas Superstar vs Nike Air Force 1

Shoes are worn to protect our feet from the damage or harm that may happen when we go barefoot, but today, many of us are wearing them as fashion as well since depend on the model, they can go with different occasions and outfit. If you are into casual and comfy style, Adidas Superstar vs Nike Air Force 1 can be a nice option to go since they are very versatile for everyday use. To pick which suit you better, go check them below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Sneakers are very popular
– What are Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1
– What Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 Look Like
– How are the Sole of Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1
– How are the Upper of Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1
– Adidas Superstar vs Nike Air Force 1

Sneaker Trend
When talking about shoes, the first thing comes to our mind is the one put on our feet to protect them from the harsh condition outside and have much cushioning when compared to your regular footwear like a sandal or slip on. Shoes has been invented and worn by our ancestors but the one used to protect feet now is shifting its purpose to be more into fashion statement in present day which has been started in the last few decades especially the sport shoes.

Sport shoes or we called sneaker today is more like a fashion force that also include music and sports inside thanks to the marketing done by famous big names in the industry that ask popular people to endorse their products and those big campaigns ends up with a new culture that last even today because it kept being renewed. The beginning however, start even further back then around 1970s where the sneaker culture began to develop and the one playing a big role there is probably Nike with their colorful shoes.

These shoes are intended to equipped people when jogging or exercising especially the young generation but then they start to wear them as well to disco in which it gained the causal and fashion. In the next decade where hip hop is growing exponentially, sneakers also find its way to the heart of many people because it is like the dress code of those artists at that time which last today. In the past, sneakers are not valued so high and more like an underground trend but today, everybody is wearing one.

Another reason why people are loving sneaker today beside it is carrying the fame and fashion statement is probably because they are a fairly comfortable piece of foot wear which is playing a big reason why we can wear them almost anywhere including to casual outings or to your workplace. All in all, owning a pair of sneaker is not going to cause any disadvantage in both comfort side and appearance.

About Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1
While sneakers are indeed a big trend that seems not going to subside anytime soon, the amount of option or models we have are not amazingly huge yet because most people are staying with the old names which continues to being produced and upgrade by the manufacturer so if this is your first time looking for one, it is probably better to start from the well-known or trend-maker models first since they are must-haves in many people’s list not without a reason.

If you are following the sneaker trend, names like Superstar from Adidas and Air Force 1 from Nike will be very familiar to you because they are among those that last very long and play an important role on the trend itself so if you are in the market for popular items, these two are going to worth both of your attention and money. As you can already expect, they are not going to be affordably cheap but if you are willing to spend the budget, these shoes are nice options.

Let’s start from where these shoes began their journey first. Adidas Superstar is originally a sport shoes that was manufactured first in 1969 and made for basketball players which is the low-top version of their Pro model at that time. In the beginning, the shoes doesn’t create too much hype and pretty much unheard of until it took the attention of professional NBA players at that time like Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The revolutionary design then began to be adopted by many other shoes for NBA for their protective qualities.

However, for casual use, the trend is prominently started by the hip hop band Run D.M.C who was wearing the shoes for stage performance with their signature no-lace and tongue pushed out. With the rising popularity, manufacturer began to enter the music industry and use it to campaign or promote their products which is probably among the prominent mark of sport equipment manufacturer entering the music industry. Read also: Adidas Superstar vs Adidas Stan Smith here.

Beside Adidas Superstar, Air Force 1 is also a big name in sneaker trend because it has an interesting history as well by surviving the high and fall of the model in the past. It was released in 1982 as a high top choices but the low top version was released a year later yet discontinued in 1984, thankfully some local retailers helped saved it from the bad ending.

AF1 is actually already amazing since released because it is the first basketball shoes made with the Nike Air technology and designed by Bruce Kilgore which previously only available in the Swoosh running shoes. It also introduce the concept of Nike Cupsole and making the shoes one of the top performance at that time while the name is inspired by an aircraft used to carried the President of the United States around. The design itself is actually inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral.

As it has been mentioned above, Nike actually discontinued AF1 in 1984 and making people want what they can’t have yet until 1986 when they bring back the shoes with a renewed design. Since then, the model stays in the market but they are not very really well-known at that time being only regional favorite until Nelly and the St. Lunatic’s single with the same name in 2002 followed by Kobe’s moment in the same year with a white and gold pair then proceed to give an amazing performance.

Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 Design
Enough with the history of these popular sneakers, moving to the look, here we can see that while they are classified as a low-top, Nike AF1 is providing a more protection into your lower ankle with a higher neck in which Superstar has the lower cut. From the shape view, Superstar is also flatter than the latter that means it can hug your foot better and fitter compared to AF1 with a higher topper but, when you fasten the lace, both are very comfortable.

Overall, they are a clean looking shoes that can go well with casual outfit perfectly to make you look sportier both for men and women. In color options, both of Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 are equally available in a wide shades or collection from subtle calmer choice like black and white to colorful shades like red, green, blue or even gold. Superstar has the native 3 stripes design and AF1 looks stylish with the Nike logo on the topper as well as Air technology on outer sole.

Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 Sole
When looking for a shoe, the first thing we may want to know is the sole and in this part, both of them are using the same rubber sole and if you are comparing the two, we can say that AF1 has a thicker sole here suitable for those who want to have additional support below. The tread pattern below are very common in sport shoes in which Superstar use the herringbone and AF1 use the circular tread pattern for maximum grip on surface.

What’s special here is Nike using the Air technology and if you are not familiar with the term yet, this technology is placed below your feet and it is working as a cushioning because there is a bag consists of pressurized air to bring the flexibility and springiness feeling without really affecting the whole structure and it is done through an aeronautics technique called blow rubber moulding.

With this technology, taken from Nike, the Air Force 1 will provide the user a lightweight cushioning because the air compresses on impact and then immediately returns to its original shape as well as volume, making you are always ready for your next impact.

Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 Upper
Moving to the upper part, both of Adidas Superstar and Nike Air Force 1 are also using a similar material because they are made with both leather and synthetic to be more durable when used frequently, to accompany your everyday jobs and sport activities. They are fairly easy to get dirty so make sure to watch where you step in and in term of comfort, they are equally nice on our feet with a thick and bigger form to add into the protection side.

Now, let’s compare Adidas Superstar with Nike Air Force 1. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the design and prominently on the cushioning because AF1 have the Air technology in which the model have a special layer inside to cushion your feet and making it more comfortable especially to support your next impact.

Adidas Superstar vs Nike Air Force 1

- Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
- Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel
- Rubber shell toe for added durability
- Herringbone-pattern rubber cupsole provides secure traction
- Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch
- Perforated toe front detail
- Low top design with padded ankle collar for comfort
- Thick sole with embossed 'Air' logo at outer sides

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference as well as the budget to spend. From the outside, they are an equally attractive shoes but we do prefer Nike Air Force 1 better since it has a comfy cushion and higher sole as well as form matching our liking.

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