Adidas Seely Skate vs Adidas Ease

Just like many other sport activities, skating will require you to have a certain type of shoe to support your activity because they are made with material and features you will need. In the market, there are lots of option available such as Adidas Seeley Skate vs Adidas Ease which are in fact very similar to each other. If you are also considering these shoes, go check our article below to see how they differ to each other and pick the one suit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose a Skate Shoes
– What are Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease
– What Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Look Like
– What are the Outsole of Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease
– What are the Upper of Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease
– Are Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Versatile
– Adidas Seeley Skate vs Adidas Ease

Skate Shoes
If this is your first time skating, you will need to find the most suitable shoes for your activity because like many other activities, we can’t just get the one attracts our attention the most without really understanding what they are going to offer to you and while style is important, performance should come first. A good skate shoes should deliver you a dependable performance and makes your tricks more stable or makes you have an additional support in your feet.

The first thing you may want to consider when looking for a shoes especially those made for skating is the outsole, similar like those made for runner or running shoes because in general, outsole are differentiated by Vulcanized and Cupsole. Vulcanized means that the rubber has been heated in high temperatures and pressed or mold quicker while Cupsole is the opposite since this type of sole is either made by getting stitched or glued together or even a combination of both.

The next is the upper and this part is not used by skate shoes only because as you may already know, all shoes whether for specific purpose or just to cover your feet and look stylish, are coming with three types of tops. Those types are high tops, mid tops, and low tops so picking the one you like the most or which more comfortable for you is also necessary. The high tops should offer some protection to your ankle, mid tops support more than low tops and low tops will provide more movement and freedom.

Another thing you may want to consider is the material used to build the shoe because they can be made from various popular materials out there and this part is very necessary to give you an overall feeling or comfort when wearing the item. The common material used for skate shoes are suede, pig suede, full grain leather, nubuck leather, canvas, and synthetic. Among these popular material, the one that gather much attention and used by many player will probably be suede.

This is due to the natural characteristic of suede which not only strong in appearance but in real work as well since it can handle a good amount of abuse, and of course will flick wonderfully. For the lower end, we have canvass and synthetic but if you are into those that will last long and beyond, leather may attract your attention. Read also: Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 6 vs 5 here.

About Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease
Like when choosing shoes for any type of activities or fashion, we are faced with a huge amount of options in the market that more than less, make us confused about which to choose. This is because not all of us have the same need and style as well as budget to spend, so selecting is a tough job to do but thanks to many online shopping platforms, we can look for what other people have been pleasing about quickly and match them with what we need faster.

Among those many option offered by various brands out there, we are sure most people already familiar with Adidas because this brand is just that popular and when it comes to sport shoe, they are also one of the best. What we love from Adi is not only their quality products but they also seem to always have the item matching our budget so all people can match their capacity with the item and we can always have the chance to choose.

If you are here to spend less or just recently learning to skate and feel the need to find a good shoes without digging in too deep into your pocket yet still want a dependable item, Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease can be a nice option to go. Both of them are supposed to lay on the entry to mid-level rider and with the price range, we can save more to purchase your next new board or anything you need.

Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Design
Talking about the fashion or design, in a glance these shoes are indeed similar, moreover, for those who never wear one of them but when you look closely, they are also different. As you can see from the sample picture above, the Seeley shoes is stitching a material as cover, making it looks like the shoe is overlapping in front and rear part which in top completed with the eyelet to put your shoelace while Ease shoes are stitched together, making it look more streamlined.

Both shoes also have a synthetic padding at the back but in Ease model, this synthetic material is covering more of the back while Seeley only has a small amount near the top and middle area. As for the fashion stripes they put at the top, they are made with the same material as these paddings.

Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Outsole
As it has been mentioned above, the first thing to consider when looking for a shoes for skating sport is the outsole because if for runner, this is the part where they get traction and cushioning while running, for riders this part is the one that going to stick to your board. In these side, both Adidas Seeley Skate  and Adidas Ease are using the same material which is vulcanized rubber we mentioned above; it is heated in a high temperature and pressed quickly.

The manufacturing process require the outsole to be applied while in soft condition to the shoes sole so in general, vulcanized outsole will feel softer and provide a good boardfeel grip. Of course people have different taste on how they ride but the soft feeling of these shoes may not going to satisfied those who want more support from the sole since the goal here is close grip. While the material is the same, the pattern is slightly different in both shoes.

This slight difference doesn’t make any real problem or difference since they both feel the same but some people who walk in wet flat surface also found that the tread pattern they used here can make a popping sound in such condition.

Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Upper
Moving above, the upper of Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease are made to follow low tops design as you can see and not only skater, it seems that people are mainly purchasing them just for fashion so the level of protection doesn’t really matter for them. However, if you are planning to purchase one of them for skating or sport, this type of design will sit down right in the ankle so we can have more freedom in moving around.

This type of shoes is also nice in feeling, moreover, for people who loves to ride with less restriction or prefer to wear clothes with specific look that will match the allover appearance. Moving to the fabric or material used as the upper part, these shoes are using canvas which is understandable for the price range and while they are not as preferred by many riders due to being less durable than almost any other materials, it is great for people who want a lightweight shoe than everything else because the thinner fabric will not hinder your movement much and fairly comfortable so we don’t have to worry about the overall feeling whether you need it for sport or for casual shoes.

Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease Versatility
On the usability, Adidas Seeley Skate and Adidas Ease are actually a versatile pair of shoes we can try or wear for any casual occasion in our daily life because it is not attracting too many attention or subtle enough to make you look stylish without trying too much. They are indeed made as skate shoe but if you only want them as you everyday shoes to accompany your campus life, walking your dogs, traveling with your friend, these models can do any everyday tasks.

Now, let’s compare Adidas Seeley Skate with Adidas Ease. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other because as a shoes made for skating, in general they are the same. What makes them difference is mainly on the design or fashion since the feel or comfort level and material used for both outsole and upper fabrics are the same.

Adidas Seely Skate vs Adidas Ease

- Rubber sole
- Lace-up skate shoe with smooth abrasion-resistant upper featuring signature 3-Stripes logoing and wraparound midsole
- Grippy vulcanized rubber outsole sticks to board for control
- Lace-up sneaker in breathable canvas upper featuring signature three-stripe design at sides and heel cap for abrasion resistance
- Contrast wrap-around midsole
- Vulcanized rubber outsol

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference. In our opinion, it is better to follow your taste and decide based on your preferred style but if we are to choose, we will pick the Seeley shoes because it is slightly more affordable.

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