Adidas Samba vs Superstar

You are now confused between Adidas Samba vs Superstar. Both are among the most popular Adidas models, but they do have their differences. Adidas Samba was initially made for indoor soccer, whereas Adidas Superstar was more for fashion while being popular for bicycling and basketball as well. Continue reading below for the detailed comparisons between Adidas Samba and Adidas Superstar!

In this article, you can find more information about:
– The distinctive characteristics of Adidas Samba,
– The distinctive characteristics of Adidas Superstar,
– The build quality and durability of each shoe, and
– The performance of Adidas Samba vs Superstar.

About Adidas Samba
Of all Adidas models that have ever been released into the market, the Samba is easily one that is the most recognized. It was originally built for indoor soccer. While it did a great job for the purpose, it also found uses for other purposes as well, such as for casual and daily wear. The old-school classic has set the blueprint for many modern sneakers due to its excellence. See our previous post about Adidas Samba vs Gazelle here!

The most well-known feature of Adidas Samba is the gum rubber outsole and the leather upper. Some modern variants are also available with a suede upper. The upper features three stripes on the side, the typical of Adidas shoes, along with the name of the product. It looks nice and elegant without being too flashy. See the color variants and sizes on Adidas.

Both the upper and outsole are very durable. The upper has good structure and support while still providing comfort. The outsole is solid and tough. The outsole provides great grip and traction on various surfaces.

Adidas Samba has a snug fit. The shoe envelopes the foot very well without being too tight – just make sure that you choose a suitable size for your foot. It cradles the foot comfortably. It feels agile and nimble, allowing you to move and run quickly and confidently.

About Adidas Superstar
Popularized in the ’80s by some musical groups, Adidas Superstar was mainly designed for fashion – hence the name. Many musical groups of that time wore the shell-toed shoes in a distinctive manner: without the laces. This shoe indeed looks very stylish. It has a premium appearance with the two-piece design.

Modern Adidas Superstar shoes come with the same shell toe and a leather grain upper. It feels quite tough and durable. The sole is also durable while being able to provide good grip and traction. That’s why Adidas Superstar has also been used for bicycling and basketball.

Compared to Adidas Samba, Adidas Superstar has a higher profile. It is not only taller but also a little wider or fatter. The tongue is particularly big, which some people find weird. However, it does feel comfortable. It may feel rather heavier than the Samba, so it is not really great for swift movement.

The sole is very flat. It is pretty stiff, too. Because of this, you may want to add a good insole into the shoe, simply to create a better contour for the foot. Hence, Adidas Superstar is not really good for long walks.

Adidas Samba vs Superstar

- Full grain leather upper
- Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort
- Non-marking gum rubber outsole for excellent grip on all indoor surfaces
- The Superstar debuted in 1969
- Original design and a classic look
- The first low-top basketball sneaker constructed with an all leather upper

Of the two shoe models, Adidas Samba is more recommended. It has a good design while offering excellent comfort and performance. It is also quite durable. This shoe is great for a variety of purposes.

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