Adidas Samba Review: Solid Soccer Shoe Requires No Special Treatment

Adidas Samba has become synonymous with indoor soccer players. It is a very popular indoor model. Almost every player has some experience with the Samba. Of course, when talking about the best indoor soccer shoes, Adidas Samba is a name that can easily slip into our mind. However, from time to time, many companies have been producing their own indoor soccer shoes. So, will Adidas Samba stand the test of time? Is Adidas Samba still a viable choice for now? Below, we are going to see the deeper, more detailed review about this “old but gold” indoor soccer shoe. Continue reading!

No wonder that many players continue using Adidas Samba even after a long time. We love the superb comfort offered by the shoe. The upper of the shoe is so soft and comfy as it is made from full-grain leather. It is also quite lightweight. It fits well on the foot, but it still provides sufficient room for wearing a wrap-around ankle guard. Don’t worry; if you only use a short ankle sock, you can still tighten the shoe a little bit for a snug fit. Your feet will never complain about playing extended rounds if they are in the Adidas Samba shoes. (Read also: Adidas Samba Classic vs Original)

Unlike outdoor soccer, indoor soccer tends to be much quicker. This is because of the artificial surface, which makes the ball move quicker and smoother. Besides, the area is indeed a lot smaller than a typical outdoor soccer field. With the increased pace, an indoor soccer shoe should have the touch needed for controlling and striking the ball properly. And Adidas Samba simply excels here. It has a great touch, both when receiving and striking the ball. You will feel as if you have never used a shoe as reliable before.

The shoe is also very sturdy and durable. Many users have been very satisfied to see their Adidas Samba shoes still having great shape after countless numbers of games. Some people even use it as a tennis shoe as well. Everything is held together without any missing seam, and the sole holds up very well too. With Adidas Samba, you will never have to worry about your shoes breaking apart.

Being all that rugged and durable, Adidas Samba also offers excellent protection to your foot. The upper is thick enough to absorb some impact, ensuring that the foot will not get hurt from taking or making a powerful strike. If you usually play with a rock-hard indoor soccer ball, there is a trick that you can try to ease the burden on your foot. You can fold the tongue over to cover two-thirds of the lacing, creating an extra layer of protection when taking or hitting the ball with the top of the foot. The integral structure of the shoe provides good support to the foot to prevent sprains.

- Full grain leather upper - Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort - Non-marking gum rubber outsole for excellent grip on all indoor surfaces

All in all, Adidas Samba is an excellent indoor soccer shoe. It is very comfy, durable, and reliable. It does not need any special treatment; all it knows is that it is always ready to serve and protect your foot.

Specifications of Adidas Samba
The manufacturer’s description:
There is a reason this indoor soccer shoe is considered legendary and still sells like crazy. The thing is, perfection never goes out of style. The soft leather upper and the low-profile gum rubber sole provide the ultimate control to the player.
• Imported
• Soft, comfy full grain leather upper
• Die cut EVA insole that is lightweight and comfortable
• Non-marking gum rubber outsole that delivers uncompromising grip on all indoor surfaces

Pros of Adidas Samba
– Simple and easy maintenance
– Soft and comfortable
– The outsole provides reliable grip and traction for solid footing
– Good-looking design
– Affordable and budget-friendly price

Price of Adidas Samba
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