Adidas Pure Boost vs Ultra Boost

Adidas’ Boost running shoes have continuously redefined and evolved the sneaker landscape since their debut in 2013. These running shoes combine performance, comfort, and style in a perfect balance. Nevertheless, Adidas Ultra Boost has become the most popular model in the series. It is known the superior agility and adaptability, suitable for running through challenging terrains with many obstacles. The company has also released Adidas Pure Boost, which is said to be specially engineered for city running. How do Adidas Pure Boost vs Ultra Boost compare against each other? See the comparisons below!

Fit and Comfort
One of the most noticeable differences between Adidas Pure Boost and Adidas Ultra Boost is indeed the upper. The manufacturer has also pointed out that the Pure Boost is designed with a different upper than any other model in the series. This new upper is specially designed to hold the foot in the simplest possible way.

Adidas Pure Boost comes with a knitted mesh upper, which is lightweight, soft, and very comfortable. It is lightweight and quite flexible, so it can allow the foot to flex and maneuver without any hindrance. This is, indeed, very beneficial for city running. When running through a crowded city, you need to be agile and able to adapt to sudden obstacles.

You can also notice that the bottom part in the midfoot area has a pronounced curve. This inward curve cradles the foot, and is beneficial to provide support and reduce excessive pronation.

On the other hand, Adidas Ultra Boost comes with a prime-knit upper that is thicker. It is also soft and comfortable, but the thickness creates more structure. It is relatively more rigid and supportive. The midfoot area is neutral without any curve.

The different upper materials used in these shoes also translate into different breathability levels. In general, Adidas Pure Boost is more breathable. The lighter knitted mesh has more pores to allow great air circulation. It also allows sweat and moisture to evaporate away more easily. Adidas Ultra Boost, on the other hand, doesn’t provide as much air circulation due to the thicker upper.

Of course, both Adidas Pure Boost and Adidas Ultra Boost use the Boost sole technology to create responsive and comfortable cushioning. Their performance is very good. They provide decent protection and cushioning. They are soft and cushy while still maintaining great stability.

The difference between Adidas Pure Boost vs Ultra Boost is the tread pattern. Adidas Pure Boost has a smoother tread pattern with slightly wider elements. As a result, it can deliver great agility and flexibility. The grip is still good.

Adidas Ultra Boost has slightly thicker circular elements to deliver stronger traction on various surfaces. However, the most prominent difference is the hole near the center. Such design brings enhanced stability and grip.

- Textile/Synthetic
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Textile and synthetic upper
- Textile/Synthetic
- Imported
- Rubber sole
- Removable Insole

If you need a pair of shoes for running through the city, Adidas Pure Boost indeed makes a more suitable choice. This model emphasizes on comfort, agility, and flexibility to allow you to respond to different obstacles. However, if you are running in a relatively quiet area that is not too crowded, and you can do with some extra grip, Adidas Ultra Boost is better.

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