Adidas Neo vs Superstar

Shoes have become one of the important factors in our lifestyle. The shoe has played a prominent role in changing our style into a new one. If you notice that the addition of the shoe itself will change most of our appearance, you will look cooler, more flashy, and even more tempting. There are may shoes or sneakers which are made for the teen’s demands, but it doesn’t mean that the shoe will forget it primary purpose which is giving a nice and comfortable walk for your feet. So with both combination, there have been many series of shoes and sneakers which have these specifications. Two of them are the Adidas Neo and the Adidas Superstar. Both products are coming from the well-known brand which is Adidas. Adidas Neo is a really cool, sleek, and great shoe for your casual walk or run. A little different from Adidas Neo, Adidas Superstar inspired by the iconic ‘70s basketball shoe, then the company makes this Superstar version as the classic but next generation shoe. It is awesome, and you definitely can style around using this shoe. So if you want to learn more about Adidas Neo and Adidas Superstar, let’s compare both in many aspects.

The features of Adidas Neo are very standard as its sole is made from synthetic material. Adidas Neo emphasized greatly in the fashion aspect. It is styling between other shoes with its high-contrast three stripes, vulcanized outsole, and the logo-ed tongue and heel. However, its inner quality itself is rather questionable, the texture of the material is too soft and get wet easily. The shoe itself is pretty bad when used for the running section as its insoles are very flat on the inside, and the usage is pretty much short term if you use it for running. On the other hand, Adidas Superstar offers a very similar shoe like Neo with the synthetic sole but full grain leather upper. A little different from Neo, Superstar put some useful features for the cushion and air circulation aspect. It provides the breathable step-in which will deny the possibility that the shoe gets too wet. (Read also: Adidas Neo vs Stan Smith)

In the aspect of design and fashion, Adidas Neo offers more futuristic and stylish version of running shoe, whereas Adidas Superstar offers old-school styling which looks good when combined with jeans or khakis. The performance of Neo itself is pretty bad compared to the Superstar. Neo has a bad durability even though it is quite eye-tempting. It won’t last for a long time especially if you use it roughly. The air circulation is also pretty bad as the comfort and cushion of this shoe is also below-standard. On the opposite, Adidas Superstar is more versatile with a better air circulatory system and better cushioning. The downside is Superstar seems to cut the narrower which is typical of running/hiking shoes. As they do that, the ability to run and hike is very limited to the point that your feet will feel too tight when using the shoe.

- Rubber sole
- Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch
- Retro-inspired fashion sneaker in leather featuring three-stripes branding and padded tongue and collar
- Rubber sole
- Retro-inspired sneaker featuring classic rubber shell toe
- Breathable mesh liner

Both shoes are not live up to their expectation, but Adidas Superstar is slightly better in term of performance and breathability. Superstar is quite a stable and old school styling shoe which you can use to level up your overall appearance.

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