Adidas Isolation 2 Review: Great Traction and Performance

Now, Adidas Isolation 2 has become one of the most successful products from the manufacturer. Of course, many people have heard quite some about Adidas Isolation 2. However, not many people know exactly about the details of this basketball shoe. Why is it so popular? Is it really a good value for the money, or is it just the hype? Below, we are going to get to know better about Adidas Isolation 2. So, continue reading!

Admit it, the design and appearance of the shoe are important factors to your judgment. Even though the look of a shoe does not have a direct effect to your performance, you still don’t want to wear something that looks like crap. Therefore, we start our review from here. As you can see, Adidas Isolation 2 is coming with the iconic design pattern of Adidas, having three stripes lined on the side of the shoe.

There are at least three different color variants of Adidas Isolation 2 available on the market right now, which are black, grey, and blue. Typically, an Adidas shoe would not have too much of decoration, and the same goes with Adidas Isolation 2. Adidas Isolation 2 actually looks pretty simple and minimalistic. Buth both the simplicity and minimalism make the shoe appear elegant. Adidas Isolation 2 makes an excellent choice if you don’t like too many fancy things on your shoes.

The comfortability of a shoe is also an important factor. This is especially true for a basketball shoe, which is going to be worn continuously in intense games. If the shoes are not comfortable, your feet will not be happy, and you will struggle to reach your best performance. Adidas Isolation 2 is a very comfortable shoe. The upper is made from coated leather for durability, and the upper is perforated to allow some air circulation and breathability.

This way, your foot can be less sweaty and stay fresh in an intense game. The interior including the collar is padded. The padding is soft and comfortable. The shoe fits snugly onto the foot. The cushioning is also very good. Adidas Isolation 2 is equipped with an EVA midsole, which contours very well to the shape of the foot and attenuates shocks and impacts well. For sure, Adidas Isolation 2 will enable you to move swiftly and effortlessly with comfort.

Traction and Performance
Traction and performance are the biggest strengths of Adidas Isolation 2. It is coming with a synthetic sole; the material has excellent traction. If you look at the tread pattern of the shoe, you can see zig-zag sipes along with deep cuts, all of which create additional biting edges for enhanced grip. Adidas Isolation 2 is also equipped with the Torsion System that provides enhanced midfoot integrity. As the result, Adidas Isolation 2 is able to get along with your swiftest and fastest movements and maneuvers while providing the solid footing that you direly need.

- Synthetic sole - Perforated upper for breathability - Padded collar for comfort - TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity - EVA midsole for cushioning

As a basketball shoe, Adidas Isolation 2 is quite rugged and durable. The upper, cushioning, and outsole hold up well. It can certainly endure demanding usage on the field. However, it may not be very suitable for outdoor usage because the perforated upper may let water and moisture get inside.

Specifications of Adidas Isolation 2
Coated leather upper
Synthetic sole
Padded collar for enhanced comfort
Perforated upper for improved breathability
EVA midsole for responsive and comfortable cushioning
TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
Non-marking outsole for durability and traction
Color: Black / Silver / White, Grey / White / Grey, Blue / White

Pros of Adidas Isolation 2
– Excellent traction provided by the outsole, ensuring solid and precise movements and maneuvers
– Comfortable and responsive cushioning
– Padded interior
– Breathable upper
– Elegant design

Price of Adidas Isolation 2
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