Adidas Copa Mundial Review: The High Quality Classic

Well, if you look back ten years from the current time, you can see that soccer shoes nowadays are much lighter. They are made from a variety of materials and synthetics, and are incorporating various technologies in the hopes of creating the best footwear possible. Well, that’s great, but, you should definitely look at Adidas Copa Mundial. This soccer shoe model has been produced continuously for at least 20 years. How could? Why? The answer is simple: It is just that good. It apparently was released ahead of its time. Many soccer players would say that Adidas Copa Mundial is the best ever soccer shoe. Well, “the best” is subjective, but we all can agree that Adidas Copa Mundial is indeed timeless. If you are interested in knowing more about this timeless soccer shoe, continue reading below!

Fit and Comfort
If comfort and fit are your main priorities, look no further. Adidas Copa Mundial is one of just very few shoes that have been designed to fit everybody. Don’t worry about the width of your feet; once you break the pair of shoes in, they will fit your feet with the ultimate perfection. The shoe’s upper is made from kangaroo leather, and is very soft. It becomes even softer with the more hours you put into the shoe.

The width is somewhat wide on the midfoot area, whereas the forefoot area and toe box are much narrower. But a couple of hours are enough to stretch and mold the shoe to the foot. The result is a perfectly fitting soccer shoe. Even the widest foot will not have any problem in this shoe. The leather tongue and central lacing system enable you to tighten the shoe without any discomfort. The interior is soft and highly comfortable.

When talking about a soccer shoe, weight often becomes one of the primary things that people get concerned about. However, you should take a note that among all sports shoes, soccer shoes are the lightest. A 10-oz basketball shoe is considered light, but a soccer shoe of the same weight would be considered heavy. How about Adidas Copa Mundial? It is 11.7 oz each. The number is indeed higher than most football shoes on the market, especially the modern ones. However, Adidas Copa Mundial does not actually feel heavy. It still feels quite lightweight, and it still allows quick, effortless acceleration when running.

- Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch - Leather upper - Synthetic lining for comfort - Die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort - Durable outsole for firm natural grounds

Flip the shoe upside down. You can see that the soleplate and stud pattern are very typical. The 12-stud design offers a balanced combination of solid grip and swift maneuverability. Four studs are on the outside, three on the inside, and one in the middle for support. The last four are on the heel, configured in the most common way. The heel studs are a little bit larger than the other studs, ensuring stability and smooth ride. It is pretty much the one that has set “the industry standard” as we know today. The traction is very good and reliable and will never disappoint. The natural leather padding delivers the original striking feel that is great for shooting, and the thick plastic soleplate ensures stiffness and structural integrity throughout the midfoot. Adidas Copa Mundial is very durable and able to protect the foot very well against impact injuries.

Specifications of Adidas Copa Mundial
Manufacturer’s Description:
Finesse is an essential factor for controlling the ball in every soccer match, which is why Adidas Copa Mundial has become the most popular soccer shoe model of all time. The men’s cleats come with a rich leather upper that offers incredible fit and touch. And the dual-density outsole has become the standard for reliability and comfort for decades on the field.
• Leather upper
• Die cut EVA insole that creates lightweight comfort
• Synthetic lining
• Durable and rugged outsole for solid natural footing
• Sizes Available : 4 D (M) US – 16 D (M) US
• Imported
• Item is unable to ship to CA

Pros of Adidas Copa Mundial
– High quality soccer shoe that has been trusted for a long time
– Very rugged and durable
– Comfortable interior
– Solid, reliable footing
– Good-looking design

Price of Adidas Copa Mundial
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